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WeKnowFantasy Super League

For this upcoming fantasy football season, we will be hosting a Fantasy Football Super League. This post is designated to help further explain the league, it's rules and what to expect.

The league is essentially a three tier league. It will begin with 48 people. Four separate 12 man leagues. The top four players from each of the leagues will advance to two separate eight man leagues. From there, the top four place winners will advance to the final league, which will be a two-week per match-up playoff format. At each tier of the league, we will re-draft, meaning in all, you may end up drafting three different times.

The breakdown of each tier is as follows:

- Weeks 1-5 (4 leagues), top four teams from each league advance

- Weeks 6-10 (2 Leagues), top four teams from each league advance

- Weeks 11-16 (1 league), two-week playoff format

The leagues will be held on the Sleeper App.

At the start, everyone will be randomly assigned to one of the four leagues. In the second tier, the top two finishers from leagues A and B, as well as the third and fourth finishers from leagues C and D will be placed in one league as the remaining teams will be placed in other. In the final league, playoff seeding will be based on a) record and b) points scored from the previous tier.

The winner of the league will receive prizes and the title of the first every WeKnowFantasy Super League champion.

Roster spots will be as followed:

- QB: 1

- RB: 2

- WR: 2

- TE: 1

- Flex (W/R/T): 1

- DEF: 1

- Bench: 5

Scoring will be standard half-point PPR.

Those wishing to join can do so by tweeting or DMing @WeKnowFantasy on Twitter.

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