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Nate (@WeKnowFantasy)

Nate is the founder of WeKnowFantasy. Due to his extensive knowledge of sports as a whole and his success in fantasy sports across the spectrum, he decided to use this information and experience to help other. Nate also was a journalist for three years and has recently left to pursuit a different field. As a former professional writer, Nate also wanted an outlet to put his work out to the public. Besides sports, Nate enjoys spending time with his wife and his children. Nate can be found on Twitter and Instagram @WeKnowFantasy.

Cody Smith (@MasterSmithers)

My name is Cody Smith and I’m in my fourth year of sport media coverage. I graduated from Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania with a bachelor's degree in Sport Administration and have previously worked as a sports editor as well as a correspondent to multiple local newspapers. I’ve been playing fantasy football for 10 years and have won multiple championships. I’m hoping to help readers have as much fun and success as I’ve had playing fantasy football throughout the years. Follow me on twitter @MasterSmithers.

Meghan (@meghahan)

Meghan is new to the We Know Fantasy team. Growing up with a dad who was a high school coach for many years, along with having a state championship under his belt, Meghan has been a huge fan of football since the fourth grade. Her mom is also a big football and sports fan and Meghan feels lucky to have two parents who introduced her to such a great interest. She has played basketball and softball through the years and her passion for sports has never gone away. Meghan is extremely competitive and started participating in fantasy football in 2013 as a way to fulfill that edge. Although her first year was a bust and she did not even make the playoffs, Meghan has quickly improved her fantasy football game and has won multiple championships ever since. She is looking forward to continuing this hobby of hers and gets a lot of extra joy out of winning championships in leagues where she is the only female. In Meghan's spare time, she enjoys playing in co-ed flag football and softball leagues, hiking, photography, true crime podcasts, concerts and storm chasing. Meghan works as a case manager at a halfway house and even though she has a busy schedule, she is very thrilled to be a contributor for We Know Fantasy and help as many people as she can. You can find her on Twitter @meghahan and Instagram @meghanbrammer.

Steven Pintado (@CoachStevenP)

Just a fantasy football guy out of New Jersey. I’ve been playing fantasy football for the last 12 years and my passion for the sport keeps growing. I’ve won multiple championships in various leagues over that time. Over the last few years I’ve voiced my knowledge of the sport to my friends, family and co-workers and now I want to help everyone I can to win championships. I co-host a new start-up podcast “The Fantasy Coaches" as well. We Know Fantasy has given me an opportunity to do something I’m passionate about. I’m excited to help them help you get the inside source into fantasy football. You can find me on Twitter @CoachStevenP.

Mike Watkins (@Mike_Watkins92)

I've been a die hard Jaguars fan since I was 7. Sadly the year was 2000 and the magical seasons of the mid-late 90s were at its end, so it's been a tough couple decades for me. Seeing your team perennially eliminated from contention by week 6 or so, a couple outliers aside, you have to turn to something else to keep football interesting past october, afterall, the offseason feels like years. That for me was Fantasy. I've been a consistent contender in a variety of different league layouts for a decade, and I've seen every draft strategy in the book. Truth is, it's a crapshoot, at times a fickle mistress, yet we come back every year. I'm here to help make the sting of what happened to your team last year a distant memory. Stay tuned.

Nick Jenkins (@FbMechanic)

Nick spends his days as a mechanical engineer and his evenings as a sports enthusiast. Recently created Instagram (Fantasy_Mechanic) and Twitter (@FbMechanic) pages to distribute fantasy football information and insight. Nick is a four time fantasy football league champion. Much of his insight is based off his time as a high school and collegiate linebacker where he learned offenses and scheme. As an avid Philadelphia “4 for 4” sports fan, he vowels that his fellow Philly fans are not the worst fans in sports. Fly Eagles Fly... Let’s Go Flyers... 10, 9, 8, 76ers... Let’s Go Phillies.   Nick is also a self proclaimed “foodie” and “beer snob”. Philly really does have great food and craft brews.

Jared Curtiss (@Curtiss6)

Jared, from Southern California and now living in Portland, Oregon, has been playing FF in the same league since 2003 where he’s won four OFFL titles. Jared is an educator and has been a head basketball coach for 20 years where he credits his FF insights to being a coach where he breaks down opponents’ film and stats to prepare his teams to reach their highest potential. Jared’s HS teams have won one state title, nine league titles with to six trips to the state semi-finals and four trips to the state championship game. His love for FF and competing with his best friends and family fuels his desire to have the best FF teams possible. You can find Jared on Twitter @Curtiss6.

Justin (@JFHornets25)

I am a former collegiate baseball player turned weekend warrior still chasing the dream as long as the body can hold up. I began playing fantasy football in 2011, quickly becoming a fanatic and looking to take in and discuss/debate content wherever possible. My goal here at WeKnowFantasy is to provide you with as much opportunity to capture ultimate bragging rights on your families, friends and co-workers when Championship season rolls around! I am all things Chargers, craft beer and football; buckle up and join us on this 17 week ride that is the 2020 NFL season. You can find Justin on Twitter @JFHornets25.

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