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The "Kee" Bets (NBA Props) - April 6th

Yesterday was a mixture of success and frustrations. For some reason, the Oklahoma City Thunder and Portland Trailblazers held several players out due to a “Coach’s Decision.” All of the Joel Embiid, Nikola Jokic and Jalen Green bets hit. Also the over on points for Keon Johnson and Isaiah Roby hit. Andre Drummond was one rebound shy of hitting and Drew Eubanks finished a point shy of his over. He did not come close to his rebounding line.

This is a new series presented by Keegan. Keegan has been very involved in the NBA sports betting world as of late and has been hitting a bunch along the way. Hence the series name, The “Kee” Bets. As much as possible, he will present several of his favorite lines for each respective day. Follow along and bet at your own risk.

April 5th Results

Joel Embid (Philadelphia 76ers) over 50.5 PRA or over 12.5 rebounds / Nikola Jokić (Denver Nuggets) over 50.5 RPA or over 14 rebounds

  • Embiid - 13 rebounds & 60 RPA

  • Jokic - 17 rebounds & 66 RPA

Jalen Green (Houston Rockets) over 23.5 points and over 3.5 three-pointers

  • 30 points & 4 three-pointers

Andre Drummond (Brooklyn Nets) over 11.5 rebounds

  • 11 rebounds

Drew Eubanks (Portland Trailblazers) with 12+ rebounds and over 14.5 points

  • 14 points & 4 rebounds

Aleksej Pokuševski (Oklahoma City Thunder) over 5.5 assists / Brandon Williams (Portland Trailblazers) over 13.5 points / Keon Johnson (Portland Trailblazers) over 13.5 points / Isaiah Roby (Oklahoma City Thunder) over 14.5 points

  • Pokusevski - DNP

  • Williams - DNP

  • Johnson - 18 points

  • Roby - 18 points

April 6th Bets

Alec Burks (New York Knicks) - Over 2.5 three-pointers

Burks has hit over three three-pointers in nine straight games. All he’s doing as of late is shooting beyond the arc for the Knicks and has been serving as the second option behind R.J. Barrett.

Paul George (Los Angeles Clippers) - Over 2.5 three-pointers

Over the last three games George has hit five, two and six three-pointers respectively. George will get the shots off needed to hit the over, it’s just a matter if they fall. If you’re feeling risky you can add over 23.5 points for George as well, but we’ll stick with his threes.

Trae Young (Atlanta Hawks) - 30+ points and 4+ three-pointers

The Hawks are in a must win game. Trae is going to come out like always and play as he has been as of late. The Hawks are still in a position to avoid the play-in game to make the playoffs as well. He gets a great matchup with the Wizards in this one as well. Going for over 30 points, he’ll need the four threes in the process.

Al Horford (Boston Celtics) - Over 3.5 assists and over 23.5 RPA

Listed in Keegan’s “safe parlay,” he’s confident that Horford hits over 3.5 assists against the Chicago Bulls tonight and goes on to top his 23.5 RPA (Rebounds/Points/Assists.) No Robert Williams and Horford likes to kick it out to the wings where the Celtics have Jaysom Tatum and Jaylen Brown waiting.

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