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Team Name of Champions

Welcome to the 2021-2022 fantasy football season! Along with whatever level of Jumanji we are on now; I stopped keeping track.

I realize the new season is already underway, but there is still time to come up with a great name for those line-ups you drafted. I wrote an article about team names in 2019, before the world really started to end, but let me give you a refresher.

Having a solid team name can be as honorable as having a winning season. I honestly do not remember who won the championships in my leagues last year aside from myself, but I do remember who named their team “Big Dak Energy.”

When it comes to choosing a team name, you don’t want to be boring. Does that mean you have to be a creative person? Absolutely not. Anything besides your last name will work.

Instead of going with “Team Smith” at least change it to “Team Spider.” Let me tell you, spiders are my biggest fear. If I am facing Team Spider, I will be intimidated. That’s how easy it is to come up with a name that isn’t boring. In the past when I have not had time to think of creative team names, I have used “Team Puppies” and “Fire Tornado.” I have also proudly won a championship as “Pizza Party.” None of those names have anything to do with football, but they are awesome things in life and can’t really be judged. That’s how easy it is.

If you want to try and come up with a creative name, let me give you some pointers. A good rule of thumb is taking players in your line up and thinking of ways to combine their names with a popular phrase, movie, music, rhyme, etc. For example, I have Tyler Bass as my kicker, and I will forever be a huge fan of the movie Dumb and Dumber. Therefore, one of my team names is “Kick His Ass T Bass.” If you are an Arizona Cardinal fan and are still over the moon excited about that hail mary pass against the Buffalo Bills last year, you could name your team “Hail Murray.” If you have Jonathan Taylor on your team and grew up idolizing 90’s heartthrobs, you could name your team “Jonathan Taylor Thomas.” Are you taking a chance on Justin Fields while also a big Kevin Costner fan? You could name your team “Fields of Dreams.” Maybe you’re a huge Cowboys' fan. Although its long, you could go with the name “Jerry Had a Little Lamb” or “Broke Dak Mountain.” If I drafted Trevor Lawrence, I would have named my team “Lawrence and the Machine” after one of my favorite bands.

Below are more ideas

Rollin With Mahomies

Dark Side of the Mooney

Judge Jeudy

Elliot Elliiiiotttt

Silence of the Lamb

Golladay Inn

Hyde Yo Kids Hyde Yo Wife

Dude Wheres Derek Carr

Chark Attack

Wilson! Wilson!!

Don’t Go Chasin Wallerfalls

Kick His Ass T Bass

Hail Murray

Lawrence and the Machine

Fields of Dreams

Jerry Had a Little Lamb

Broke Dak Mountain

Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Saquon and Young Jeezy

I asked my We Know Fantasy colleagues if they had any team name ideas. The first one that was mentioned was “Etienne Ass.” Since I love and cherish my We Know Fantasy fellas so much, I was able to simply roll my eyes and whisper to myself “boys will be boys” and continued to read the rest of the names. Below are some examples we came up with.

Alcoholics Saquonymouse

My Neck My Dak

The Talented Mr. Ridley

Dak Streets Back

All-en Your Ekes DMs

DeAndre (s)Hopkins

Jared G-awful

Hock’d and Loaded

Lights Kamara Action

Henry Given Sunday

King Quon

Hot Chubb Time Machine

Now go out there and pick a team name of champions! Best of luck this season!

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