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Let's Not Panic Just Yet

It’s unfortunate to say, but Drew Brees is expected to miss six weeks due to an injury from the Saints' game with the Rams. Unfortunately, this means all the Saints players take a minor step back in value. Not as much as we think though.

I don’t have the splits versus when Brees was playing versus when Bridgewater was playing, however Thomas still totaled 13 targets in the game, and Jared Cook totaled 7. Bridgewater got the ball out quick, he just didn’t look comfortable. This is expected when your forced into a starting job mid-game and haven’t started since week 17 of the last NFL season. Bridgewater was throwing the ball to players and they just weren’t catching it, they have a whole week to figure this hiccup out and Sean Payton has a whole week to design some plays to play to Bridgewater’s strengths.

I wouldn’t panic sell just yet, although Cook, Kamara and Thomas take a step back in value they are still start-able fantasy assets. Bridgewater himself will be a good QB2 streamer option if you’re desperate. The Saints have already made it clear they want Bridgewater to be their future so I would imagine the organization is comfortable moving forward with him, and you should be too.

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