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  • Steven Pintado

How Ryan Tannehill could win you a Championship

Every year there is always a mediocre quarterback who dominates the fantasy playoffs. We remember the year Blake Bortles went nuts and put up huge fantasy performances each week during the fantasy playoffs. Also, remember last season when Josh Allen was a joke of a rookie and then turned it up during the playoffs? He had finished as the number one quarterback during the stretch. We have a new contender who could very well be the QB1 for our 2019 playoff stretch. His name is Ryan Tannehill of the Tennessee Titans and there are three main reasons for this becoming true.

First off, he has been playing fantastic since becoming the starter. He became the starter in Week 7, taking over for Marcus Martiota and has since scored the third-most fantasy points in that time frame. He has an average of 23 fantasy-points-per-game and has the Titans at 4-1 since becoming the starter. Even in bad games he still has scored no less than 18 fantasy points, so you know that he can be a sure thing. He also has gotten more comfortable in the offense as he has averaged 30 rushing yards over the last three games. For us, in fantasy, an extra three or four points goes a long way for a QB.

Another reason for his success this season has to be the running game right now. Since Tannehill has taken over, Derrick Henry has been a top-three fantasy running back in half PPR scoring. Something that Tannehill truly never had in Miami was a strong consistent running back. Tannehill is using the running back to his advantage as he has a 123.2 passing rating and throws an average of 13.7 yards-per-attempt. He also has talented weapons to spread the ball around too. A.J. Brown is slowly turning into a productive weapon for him. He also has other targets who can produce at times. This is one of his better teams he has had around him.

Finally, he has one of the best remaining schedules among fantasy quarterback which is perfect for our fantasy playoffs. Right before the playoffs, he gets a division match up with the Colts who gives up points to talented quarterbacks. Tannehill has been nothing short of brilliant for fantasy football. To begin the fantasy playoffs, Tannehill goes up against the Raiders who have allowed an average of 21 fantasy points to QBs and they give up 32 a game on the road this year. In Week 14, Tannehill gets a division foe in Houston who is top 10 in points given up to QBs and gives up 24 points on the road. Lastly, they get a tougher match-up against the Saints but who still allow over 18 points to quarterbacks this season. Tannehill could finally give us the breakout we have been waiting for and lead us to a fantasy championship!

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