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Draft Bargains part 2: QB Edition - Dak Prescott

Here is my next Fantasy Draft Bargain! This time I'll be focusing on a quarterback. Many could disagree this quarterback isn’t really that good or is only decent, but Mr. Dak Prescott should be able to silent is critics this year. Please don’t take away that I’m saying Dak and the Cowboys are going to the Super Bowl or something along those lines. Based on facts, I believe Dak is someone who you can draft late in drafts and win a championship for you fantasy team.

Dak was drafted in the fourth round of the 2016 NFL Draft by the Dallas Cowboys as a possible future quarterback. Dak was thrown into the starting line-up due to injuries by Tony Romo and Kellen Moore (now the Offensive Coordinate for the Cowboys) and he played well over expectations.

He finished that year as the sixth best fantasy QB, putting up 3,600 yards with a 23:4 (TD to INT ratio) with 6 rushing touchdowns as well. Many believe that he was the Cowboys' franchise quarterback for years to come.

Dak’s 2017 was one to forget as he regressed in passing yards, completion percentage and his TD:INT ratio. Even with a sub-par season, he still managed to finish as the QB10 that year.

Moving forward to last year, the 2018 season, Dak got off to a terrible start and after the first eight games, he was at QB23. After that, Dak turned things around when the Cowboys made a trade to acquire Amari Cooper from the Oakland Raiders. That trade sparked Dak’s play and in the second half of the season he finished as the QB8. If you were to pace out his stats from the second half the season into a 16 game season, he would have finish ahead of those like Drew Brees and Russell Wilson.

At this point of the article you still may not be convinced of using Dak as your fantasy quarterback in 2019 2019.

What’s different for 2019? Well Dak’s starting offensive line is healthy for the new season. Travis Frederick was out for the 2018 season with Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Both Tyron Smith and Zack Martin missed games last year and were limited in snap-counts due to injuries. The Cowboys also drafted offensive-lineman Connor Williams in this years draft; who is most likely to play inside at guard. Having a healthy line should give Dak more time and improve the run game.

You could argue that in 2017, he had that amazing offensive line but he regressed. Many players fall to the “sophomore slump” (aka remember Todd Gurley a few years ago). Zek only played 8 games during the 2017 season and his wide receiver core was composed of washed up Dez Bryant, Terrence Williams, and Cole Beasley.

Now he will have a full off-season together with his new electric core of Cooper, Michael Gallup and Randall Cobb as well as Jason Witten to have him excel.

According to Fantasy Pros rankings (all rankings are based off of them), he is currently ranked as the 14th QB but his ADP 141 (20th QB taken). This puts him in a 12-man team league being drafted in the 11th or 12th round.

If that’s not a bargain I’m not sure what is. The stats don’t lie guys, don’t take one of the QB going in the 4-9 rounds of your drafts but wait, grab skill players and then take Dak in the double digit rounds. That is a bargain that is too good to pass up.

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