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2020 Dynasty Rookie Rankings 2.0

By Cody Smith

The NFL combine has officially come and gone, and NFL free agency is underway. That means it’s time to revisit the rookie rankings one more time before NFL teams make their selections at the end of April.

We’ll go three rounds to give all the readers plenty to digest until the 2020 NFL Draft.

The 2020 NFL Draft will be sure to shuffle things up in these ranking once we know for certain where these players will be spending the first few years of their careers.

You’ll notice that things near the top haven’t changed much, as I don’t put a ton of stock into combine results. These players are more likely to shuffle positions following the 2020 NFL Draft.

For a more in depth breakdown of player skills, take a peek at my 2020 Dynasty Rookie Ranking 1.0.

Version 3.0 of the Dynasty Rookie Rankings will come out following the NFL Draft.

Round 1

1.01. D’Andre Swift – RB, Georgia Bulldogs – 5’8, 212lbs

Potential Landing Spot: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Previous: 1.01

Swift is still my 1.01 in this draft as I believe he is the best all-around running back in the class. Swift’s ability in the run game as well as pass catching out of the backfield makes him well rounded as a player that should be able to enter the league and contribute as a potential three-down back right away. I’m keeping his potential landing spot as Tampa Bay, as the Bucs did nothing to address the backfield in free agency. Its an even sweeter landing spot now with Tom Brady under center who isn’t afraid to check down to his running backs.

1.02. CeeDee Lamb – WR, Oklahoma Sooners – 6’2, 198lbs

Potential Landing Spot: New York Jets

Previous: 1.02

Most college websites list players as larger than they actually are. In a surprise twist, Lamb came in larger than previously listed at 6’2", 198lbs. Lamb posted average numbers at the combine and supplied some highlight reel catches. I believe Lamb is the most talented receiver in the draft, and is just barely below Swift as my 1.01 right now. Previously I had Lamb headed to the Cardinals, but their acquisition of DeAndre Hopkins puts a damper on that. The Jets are the next best fit now that they’ve moved on from Robby Anderson and lack a true No. 1 receiver, which is exactly what Lamb can be at the next level.

1.03. Jerry Jeudy – WR, Alabama Crimson Tide – 6-1, 193lbs

Potential Landing Spot: Las Vegas Raiders

Previous: 1.03

If your rookie draft pick ends up being between Lamb and Jerry Jeudy, lucky you, because you can’t really go long with either. Jeudy grades out just behind Lamb for me, but both are going to be solid WR1's for their future respective teams. Both receivers are within an inch of each other in height, and eighth-of-an-inch in arm length (advantage Lamb) and a quarter-inch in hand size (advantage Jeudy.) Jeudy was five hundredths of a second faster in the 40 and his vertical was half an inch better, while Lamb’s broad jump covered four more inches than Jeudy. So, what does all of this mean? It proves my point that these two guys are nearly identical specimens and can’t miss NFL prospects. I kept Jeudy’s landing spot as Las Vegas, as the Raiders currently sit without a true WR1, as they haven’t had one since the departure of Antonio Brown, if that even counts.

1.04. J.K. Dobbins – RB, Ohio State Buckeyes – 5’9, 209lbs

Potential Landing Spot: Philadelphia Eagles

Previous: 1.04

Dobbins did not participate in the majority of combine testing, and his pro day was cancelled due to coronavirus concerns. If that is moving him down your draft board, feel free to scoop him up. Dobbins still has elite talent and ought to end up contributing right away. As far as fantasy is concerned, the Eagles aren’t a great landing spot, as Dobbins would have to contend with Miles Sanders for touches, but it makes sense. Philly has been RBBC since Doug Peterson arrived, and Jordan Howard is no longer with the team, leaving a void in the backfield that needs filled. As far as combine results are concerned, Dobbins did complete 23 reps in the bench press, tied for 5th among running backs at the combine.

1.05. Jonathan Taylor – RB, Wisconsin Badgers – 5’10, 226lbs

Potential Landing Spot: Miami Dolphins

Previous: 1.05

If Taylor wasn’t at the top of your draft board following the combine, he should be now! And he is the 1.01 for most, but not me. Taylor lit things up while running the fastest 40 time among running backs (4.39), hitting 17 reps on the bench press and was top-10 in the class at the 3-cone drill. Everyone’s eyes lit up at that 40 time, as they should have. I certainly didn’t expect the 5’10, 226lb back to post those numbers. However, Taylor’s college usage still concerns me. He was a workhorse for Wisconsin, and I’m worried it could cause him to break down earlier than most backs (a la David Johnson.) Taylor doesn’t jump up any spots in my mock draft, but I will include him in the top tier this time, despite my longevity concerns. Houston’s addition of David Johnson takes away the allure of Taylor playing for the Texans away, but Miami still needs a true RB1 and he fits the mold.

1.06. Cam Akers – RB, Florida State Seminoles – 5’10, 217lbs

Potential Landing Spot: Buffalo Bills

Previous: 1.08

Congratulations to Cam Akers as he becomes the first player to move up my draft board (or move at all for that matter.) Akers had his fair share of impressive moments at the combine, running the 5th-fastest 40 time with a 4.47, just ahead of Swift’s 4.48. He also posted 20 reps on the bench and impressed scouts with his pass catching. As a former quarterback, Akers shows above average vision when running the ball, and his solid frame should help him succeed at the next level. I still believe he would make a nice complementary piece to Devin Singletary in Buffalo, as the Bills have yet to replace Frank Gore in the backfield.

1.07. Clyde Edwards-Helaire – RB, LSU Tigers – 5’7, 207lbs

Potential Landing Spot: Jacksonville Jaguars

Previous: 1.07

Edwards-Helaire didn’t let folks down at the combine as he showcased his great lateral movement and ability to catch the ball out of the backfield. His size is the only thing holding him back from being a true No.1 back right out of the gates, but as a pass catcher I love this guy in PPR leagues. CEH was impressive in the vertical jump with the 4th-highest jump among all running backs (39.5 inches.) I still believe he is the perfect complement to Leonard Fournette in the Jacksonville backfield.

1.08. Tee Higgins – WR, Clemson Tigers – 6’4, 216lbs

Potential Landing Spot: Minnesota Vikings

Previous: 1.06

Higgins dropped a few spots for me after not participating in the combine. I couldn’t drop him very far though, because this guy is good. He’s got a long frame, he can go up and get the ball, he has soft hands, there’s not much to not like about this guy. I previously had Higgins headed to Buffalo, but after the Stefon Diggs trade, I’ll put him in Minnesota for now where he should fill Diggs’ shoes nicely.

1.09. Justin Jefferson – WR, LSU Tigers – 6’1, 202lbs

Potential Landing Spot: Cincinnati Bengals

Previous: 1.11

Jefferson gets a bump up the board after posting a 4.43 time in the 40 and cracking the top-10 in broad jump distance. We knew Jefferson looked like a great receiver in college, but I was a bit hesitant in ranking him, wondering if maybe it was just Joe Burrow making him look that good. He proved at the combine that he is fast, he is athletic and he can make the catches. Jefferson is still a bit unpolished in the route-running department, but with his size and speed, he can likely make a big impact at the next level. I’m hoping the Bengals can find a way to keep this guy paired up with Burrow, even though it seems unlikely after the Bengals franchise tagged A.J. Green.

1.10. Jalen Reagor – WR, TCU Horned Frogs – 5’11, 206lbs

Potential Landing Spot: Dallas Cowboys

Previous: 1.09

Reagor dropped a spot thanks in part to Jefferson’s combine performance, though I’m not 100-percent sure he deserved it. Reagor ran a solid 4.47, posted 17 reps on the bench press, had the second highest vertical jump (42 inches) and second longest broad jump (138 inches.) This guy is crazy athletic, and as long as he can catch the ball – he struggled with drops in college – he can make a quick impact in the NFL. New Orleans brought in Manny Sanders in free agency, so I’m moving Reagor’s potential landing spot to Dallas to play beside Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup.

1.11. Henry Ruggs III – WR, Alabama Crimson Tide – 5’11, 188lbs

Potential Landing Spot: Philadelphia Eagles

Previous: 1.10

No surprise here – Ruggs ran the fastest 40 time of all players at the combine clocking in at 4.27. He comes in a touch smaller than advertised, but with that speed, it doesn’t much matter. Ruggs was also the 3rd-best wide-out in the vertical jump and fifth-best in the broad jump. He has the athleticism to match his size, but will the right situation come along on draft day? As I stated in the 1.0 rookie rankings, Ruggs’ small stature and elite speed gives him Tyreek Hill potential, but he also has Tavon Austin potential. I’m sticking with the Eagles as a potential landing spot in hopes that Coach Peterson – who is part of the Andy Reid coaching tree - can utilize his talents.

1.12 Ke’Shawn Vaughn – RB, Vanderbilt Commodores – 5’10, 214lbs

Potential Landing Spot: Green Bay Packers

Previous: 2.04

Vaughn takes a big jump up my board after a little extra research. Vaughn ran a 4.51 in the 40 which is a solid time for his size. Vaughn eclipsed 1,000 yards in each of his last two seasons at Vanderbilt and is a physical runner with pass catching ability. Vaughn may not make an immediate impact, but the potential is certainly there. I see Vaughn as a nice fit in Green Bay to pair in the backfield with Aaron Jones.

Round 2

2.01 Joe Burrow – QB, LSU Tigers – 6’3, 221lbs

Potential Landing Spot: Cincinnati Bengals

Previous: 2.06

Burrow will still almost certainly end up in Cincy. He’s still the top quarterback and perhaps the top overall talent in the draft despite not performing at the NFL combine. If your dynasty team is in need of a quarterback, feel free to take Burrow earlier, small hands and all.

2.02. Denzel Mims – WR, Baylor Bears – 6’3, 215lbs.

Potential Landing Spot: Indianapolis Colts

Previous: 2.09

Mims showed out at the combine, posting some of the best all-around numbers for wide receivers. Mims ran the 3third fastest 40 (4.38) and had the fastest 3-cone drill out of all athletes at the combine (6.66.) Pair that with 16 reps on the bench press and top-10 performances in the vertical jump and broad jump and you’ve got a well-rounded wide receiver that took a solid jump in these rankings. It was already clear watching tape that Mims is an athletic freak and he showed just that. I expect Indy to be a solid landing spot for Mims as the Colts should look to add a weapon or two for new QB Philip Rivers.

2.03. Brandon Aiyuk – WR, Arizona State Sun Devils – 6’0, 205lbs.

Potential Landing Spot: New England Patriots

Previous: 3.06

Aiyuk didn’t quite have as huge of a combine performance as some of his wide receiver counterparts, but he did feature a 40” vertical jump – fifth best in the class. His 131-inch long jump also placed in the top-10 of receivers as sixth best. He takes a huge jump up my board, as I may have had him too low to start with. Aiyuk was an electric return man at Arizona State, so if your league rewards punt/kick return points, he could tack on a few extra points if his NFL team chooses to use him that way. I have Aiyuk landing in New England, joining a young Jarrett Stidham-led offense.

2.04 Bryan Edwards – WR, South Carolina Gamecocks – 6’3, 212lb

Potential Landing Spot: Washington

Previous: 1.12

Edwards takes a slide down the board for me after not performing at the combine. He’s a nice sized receiver that put up numbers in college despite facing some elite SEC defenses. If he lands in the right situation, Edwards has a shot to be a fantasy asset. I have him landing in Washington, where a young rebuilding team should be able to utilize his talent right away.

2.05 Laviska Shenault Jr. – WR, Colorado Buffaloes – 6’1, 227lbs

Potential Landing Spot: Houston Texans

Previous: 2.05

Shenault didn’t do much at the combine, as he was reportedly dealing with a core injury. What he did do wasn’t particularly special. He ran a 4.58 40-yard dash and hit 17 reps on the bench press. Shenault is the definition of a boom or bust type guy. He has potential to be elite, but his limited ability to run routes mixed in with the fact that he is nearly always hurt (has had core, labrum and toe surgeries all in the last year) is a red flag for me. I’m not touching Shenault, but if you decide to take a chance, it could pay off greatly.

2.06 Tua Tagovailoa – QB, Alabama Crimson Tide – 6’0, 217 lbs.

Potential Landing Spot: Miami Dolphins

Previous: 2.10

Tua didn’t compete in any drills at the combine due to his hip injury, but I’m still sliding him up a few spots. Tua says his health shouldn’t be a concern and if he is right, he has the potential to be the best quarterback in this draft (Yes, even better than Burrow.) I’d be very surprised if the Dolphins don’t get Tua with their first pick in the draft. He may not start immediately, but he’ll be Miami’s next franchise quarterback.

2.07. Cole Kmet – TE, Notre Dame Fighting Irish – 6’6, 262lbs

Potential Landing Spot: Carolina Panthers

Previous: 2.07

Kmet posted solid numbers at the combine, led by his tight end-leading vertical jump. He was also second in the broad jump and ran the fourth fastest 40-yard dash time. Kmet seems to have solidified his place as my No. one tight end in a weak tight-end class. Carolina is looking for a new tight-end following the departure of Greg Olson. Kmet seems like he could easily fit the mold.

2.08 Zack Moss – RB, Utah Utes – 5’9, 223lbs

Potential Landing Spot: Tennessee Titans

Previous: 2.01

Moss struggled at the combine, running a 4.65 in the 40. He was also mid-pack in the vertical jump and the 20-yard shuttle. Moss will almost certainly enter the league as a change of pace back. He’d fit nicely in Tennessee.

2.09. Antonio Gandy-Golden – WR, Liberty Flames – 6’4, 223lbs

Potential Landing Spot: San Francisco 49ers

Previous: 2.03

Gandy-Golden was hyped up for his great play at Liberty, though he wasn’t often challenged at such a small school. His combine wasn’t particularly flashy either. Gandy-Golden ran a 4.60 in the 40 and ran the second slowest 3-cone drill among receivers (7.33) as well as the third slowest 20-yard shuttle (4.55.) His highlight came when he completed 22 reps on the bench press, second best among wide receivers. He also posted a 127-inch long jump that placed him in the top-10 among receivers. He may need some polishing at the next level, but his future production could be worth the wait.

2.10 Deejay Dallas – RB, Miami Hurricanes – 5’10, 217lbs

Potential Landing Spot: Philadelphia Eagles

Previous: 3.11

Dallas held his own at the combine, finishing mid-pack in most of the combine drills and standing out in the 3-cone drill where he finished eighth among running backs (7.18.) Dallas seems like a 1B to someone’s 1A at the next level. I believe he would make a nice complement for Miles Sanders in Philly, plus the last time someone with “Dallas” in their name was drafted (Dallas Goedert), the Eagles scooped him up too.

2.11 Tyler Johnson – WR, Minnesota Golden Gophers – 6’1, 206lbs

Potential Landing Spot: New York Jets

Previous: 2.02

Johnson’s stock falls for me after he did not participate in the combine. Regardless, Johnson had a strong 2019 breakout, hauling in 13 touchdowns in 13 games and averaging over 100 yards per game o the season. Don’t overlook this guy on draft day, especially if he lands on a solid NFL team.

2.12 Justin Herbert – QB, Oregon Ducks – 6’6, 236lbs

Potential Landing Spot: Los Angeles Chargers

Previous: 3.12

Surprisingly enough, Herbert may be one of the more athletic quarterbacks in this year’s class. Among quarterbacks, Herbert ran the third-fastest 40 time (4.58), had the second-highest vertical jump (35.5 inches), third-farthest broad jump (123 inches), fastest 3-cone drill (7.06) and fourth-fastest 20-yard shuttle. This all-around athleticism moves Herbert up my board, and though he more than likely won’t start immediately in the NFL, I’ve got some confidence that he can be a future franchise quarterback.

Third Round

3.01 KJ Hamler – WR, Penn State Nittany Lions – 5’9, 178lbs

Potential Landing Spot: Green Bay Packers

Previous: 3.04

Hamler only completed the bench press at the combine due to a hamstring injury. However, in just that drill Hamler was impressive. The 5’9, 178lbs receiver posted 15 reps; a fairly large number for a small individual. Hamler thrives on speed which he was unfortunately unable to showcase. From watching a lot of B1G football, Hamler certainly is fast and shifty. Green Bay is retooling their receiving corps and could use a speed threat. I believe Hamler could be a good fit there.

3.02 K.J. Hill – WR, Ohio State Buckeyes – 6’0, 196lbs.

Potential Landing Spot: New England Patriots

Previous: 3.01

Hill had a strong Senior Bowl which initially put him on my radar. A relatively solid combine currently cements him in my top 36. Hill posted an impressive-for-his-size 17 reps on the bench press, though his 40 time was a bit weak for someone considered a burner (4.60.) I see Hill as a nice fit for the Patriots as the eventual successor to Julian Edelman.

3.03 Darius “Jet” Anderson – RB, Texas Christian Horned Frogs – 5’10, 208lbs

Potential Landing Spot: New York Giants

Previous: N/A

“Jet” Anderson didn’t really live up to his namesake at the combine, running a 4.61 40-yard dash. He did however post 19 reps on the bench press and had the second-best broad jump among running backs (128 inches). Anderson was also third-best among running backs in the 20-yard shuttle. Anderson also scored a big touchdown in the senior bowl, a 75-yard catch and run on a wheel route. Anderson would make a nice compliment to Saquon Barkley in the New York backfield and is worth a stab late in drafts.

3.04 Eno Benjamin – RB, Arizona State Sun Devils – 5’9, 207lbs

Potential Landing Spot: New Orleans Saints

Previous: 2.12

Benjamin takes a small slide down into the third round after a bit of an underwhelming combine. We knew Benjamin probably isn’t going to be much more of a 1B, but his running-back-low 12 reps on the bench press and average broad jump and 40-yard dash time were a bit concerning. Benjamin salvaged himself a bit with the fifth-best vertical jump and second best 3-cone drill. Benjamin may end up buried on a depth chart somewhere and need injuries in order to make a first-year impact.

3.05 Brycen Hopkins – TE, Purdue Boilermakers – 6’4, 245lbs.

Potential Landing Spot: Seattle Seahawks

Previous: 3.07

Hopkins is my TE2 after posting a 4.66 in the 40 (second-best among TEs), 21 reps on the bench press (fourth-best among TEs) and a 4.28 second 20-yard shuttle (fourth-best among TEs.) The rest of Hopkins’ drills came in the lower end of the top-10 but were still solid. Hopkins is a solid TE in a draft with very few TE options. Like all rookie TEs Hopkins will have a limited impact, but a year or two behind Greg Olson in Seattle could help mold Hopkins into a dynasty asset.

3.06 Joshua Kelley – RB, UCLA Bruins – 5’11, 212lbs.

Potential Landing Spot: Pittsburgh Steelers

Previous: 3.09

Kelley posted some solid numbers at the combine with a 4.49 time in the 40 and 23 reps on the bench press, but those weren’t his best performances. Kelley led all running backs in the 3-cone drill, running it in 6.95 seconds. Kelley also had an incredible Senior Bowl back in January, leading both teams in rushing with 15 carries for 105 yards. I have Kelley headed to Pittsburgh to back up James Conner in his rookie year and maybe potentially take over as the lead back.

3.07 Albert Okwuegbunam – TE, Missouri Tigers – 6’5, 258lbs.

Potential Landing Spot: Pittsburgh Steelers

Previous: 3.02

Okwuegbunam only ran the 40 at the combine, and it was good. At 258 pounds, he ran a 4.49 which is incredible for someone his size. As a matter of fact, it led all tight ends by a solid margin. Okwuegbunam may not make a huge immediate impact, but I believe he is the thir and final tight end in this class that is a difference maker. He lacks a bit in blocking, but I could see him thriving in a solid tight end system such as Pittsburgh.

3.08 Michael Pittman Jr. – WR, USC Trojans – 6’4, 223lbs.

Potential Landing Spot: Detroit Lions

Previous: 2.08

Pittman didn’t excel at much at the combine. His best performance came during the 20-yard shuttle where he was the second-best receiver (4.14) and the 3-cone drill where he was the fourth-best receiver (6.96.) Pittman’s size should help him, but he doesn’t quite have the speed of some other receiver prospects.

3.09 Chase Claypool – WR, Notre Dame Fighting Irish – 6’4, 238lbs.

Potential Landing Spot: Dallas Cowboys

Previous: N/A

Claypool sprung onto the scene with one of the best combines of anyone. Claypool became the only wide receiver not named Calvin Johnson to measure in at least 6’4, 235lbs and run a sub-4.45 40-yard dash. Claypool ran an incredible 4.42 paired with 19 reps in the bench press (fifth best among wide receivers) and a 40.5 inch vertical (fourth best.) I’m not expecting Claypool to be the next Megatron, but taking a late stab at him in rookie drafts can’t hurt.

3.10 Jordan Love – QB, Utah State Aggies – 6’4, 224lbs

Potential Landing Spot: New England Patriots

Previous: N/A

When you look at Jordan Love I believe you’re looking at the next franchise quarterback of the New England Patriots. Love is calm in the pocket and can make a ton of throws. He’s got a tight spiral and good vision down the field, but he can also be erratic at times, which should cause him to fall to the back half of the first round of the draft. He can also be fairly mobile with a top-10 40 time among quarterbacks with a 4.74. He also had the third best vertical jump among quarterbacks at the combine (35.5 inches.) If you’re QB needy and miss out on the top three. This is the guy you want to target.

3.11 Isaiah Hodgins – WR, Oregon State Beavers – 6’4, 210lbs.

Potential Landing Spot: Los Angeles Chargers

Previous: 3.08

Hodgins had some nice moments at the combine. His 4.61 in the 40 wasn’t impressive and neither were his nine reps in the bench press. He made up for it with a solid 3-cone drill (7.01) and the best 20-yard shuttle among all wide receivers (4.12.) Hodgins can add some needed depth to the Chargers wide receiver corps that will be transitioning to a new quarterback and offense.

3.12 AJ Dillon – RB, Boston College Golden Eagles – 6’0, 247lbs

Potential Landing Spot: Baltimore Ravens

Previous: N/A

Dillon had a strong combine that moved him onto my watch list. Dillon is a bowling ball of muscle and athleticism. Dillon posted an incredibly high 23 reps on the bench press and led all running backs with a 41-inch vertical and 131-inch broad jump. I could see Dillon as a future replacement for Mark Ingram in Baltimore with his size.

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