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What do we do with the Lions' backfield?

Detroit Lions’ running back Kerryon Johnson underwent knee surgery on Tuesday and has been placed on the injury reserve. As a result, he will not be eligible to return for eight weeks, setting a potential return at the earliest at Week 15 or 16. If you have an IR position in your league, drop him there, if not, he’s droppable period.

Now, what do we do in the post Kerryon period of the Detroit season? After Kerryon left Sunday’s game against the Minnesota Vikings, Ty Johnson and J.D. McKissic stepped in to carry the workload in the Lions’ backfield.

Ty saw 10 carries and four targets on the day as McKissic saw five carries and three targets. Along with that, Ty played 64-percent of the offensive snaps and McKissic saw just 25-percent of offensive snaps. McKissic did out do Ty in terms of total yards with 60 as Ty totaled 57.

If we are to take a look over the entirety of the season, Ty has seen 23 carries and seven targets as McKissic has carried the ball 15 times and have seen 10 targets. Ty has played 22.6-percent of offensive snaps as McKissic has played 17.7-percent of offensive snaps.

Now, all of this points toward Ty being the new top dog in the Lions’ backfield. However, it’ll be more of a hot-hand approach in Detroit. If you need to prioritize one of these two on the waiver wire, it has to be Ty. If you have the chance, grabbing both to see how the season plays out would be ideal. Ty needs to be your top waiver priority period.

The Lions have some great match-ups moving forward for running backs as well. They’ll play the Giants this week who have given up the eighth most fantasy points to opposing running backs. They then take on the Raiders (19th), Bears (7th), Cowboys (12th), Washington (10th), Bears (7th) before seeing three straight tough match-ups come fantasy football playoff time in Vikings (28th), Buccaneers (30th) and Broncos (24th).

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