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We Know Fantasy Survivor League - Week 5

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve had the time to sit down and write up an update on the inaugural We Know Fantasy Survivor League.

I’m going to attempt to do my best here to get everyone caught up to speed. The last update article I produced was Week 2, so we have two weeks to fly through. Here we go.

In Week 3, the reward challenge was the total combined passing yards thrown by each tribe’s starting quarterbacks.

The reward itself was the ability to ‘freeze’ a pre-designated quarterback in the event of a reward challenge victory.

The AFC chose to freeze Kirk Cousins of the NFC in the event of a victory and the NFC chose to freeze Jalen Hurts.

The AFC won the reward challenge and then in turn, removed Jalen Hurts’ fantasy points from the NFC tribe in the Immunity Challenge.

The reward challenge ended up not being needed as the AFC took down the NFC for its third consecutive Immunity Challenge by just over six points.

In the ensuing Tribal Council, the NFC voted off its third member in Bishop. Bishop headed to Castaway Island.

There, he met Duke who took down Christian in the first Castaway Island matchup. This saw Duke survive to play another week as Christian was the first official castaway of this inaugural season.

Moving on to Week 4, the reward challenge was total combined touchdowns caught by each of the tribe’s starting wide receivers. The AFC had to sit out three teams as they had eight members to the NFC’s five.

The reward in Week 4 saw a pre-designated wide receiver from each team receive 1.5x their actual fantasy points.

The AFC chose to sit Sean, Bones and Pickens.

The AFC opted to boost Justin Jefferson in the event of a reward challenge victory and the NFC chose Keenan Allen.

Once again, the reward challenge did not play its part in the Immunity Challenge as the NFC claimed its first Immunity Challenge of the season with a final score of 837.78 to 810.82 without the need of Jefferson’s boost.

At their first ever Tribal Council, the AFC voted off Pickens in a 7-1 vote. Pickens then took off to Castaway Island.

On Castaway Island this week, Bishop took down Duke making Duke the second permanent departure of the season. Bishop will now face off with Pickens in Week 5 with the winner gaining re-entry to the league.

Following Week 4, a lot has happened.

The tribes were re-assigned with six members per.

The new tribes are as follows:

  • AFC

    • Brooks

    • Yrtb

    • LogDog

    • Trey

    • Fantasy Fro

    • Bones

  • NFC

    • Rich

    • Cody

    • CPeterson

    • Sean

    • Marko

    • Hippo

The first reward challenge for our new look tribes will be a tight end based challenge. The reward challenge will be the combined total yards caught by each starting tight end of each tribe.

The reward will be double points for a pre-designated tight end. At this point, we don’t know who those tight ends will be.

Check back next week for a recap of Week 5 and a preview to Week 6!

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