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We Know Fantasy Survivor Fantasy Football - Season and Week 1 Preview

This season of fantasy football is like any other we’ve seen in the past.

Throughout the years, the development of unique fantasy football leagues have exploded.

From vampire leagues where one manager does not partake in the draft but in turn, makes a team from undrafted players. The vampire then gets the ability to steal a player in the event that they defeat the opposing team in their weekly matchup.

There are leagues such as pirate leagues where each week, the winner of any given head-to-head matchup can steal a player from the losing side.

The list of unique, fun and challenging fantasy football leagues goes on and on.

But this season, Nate with We Know Fantasy has taken the uniqueness to an all new level.

He has developed a fantasy football league based on the popular television series, Survivor.

The league begins with two separate tribes of eight teams. Naturally, the tribes have been named the AFC and NFC.

Those tribes were randomly assigned and then given the task to determine their own draft order for the 16-man league draft. One tribe was given odd numbers and one tribe was given even numbers.

From there, each week, the tribe with the most combined points scored wins the ‘Immunity Idol’ and will avoid ‘Tribal Council.’

The tribe facing ‘Tribal Council’ will unanimously vote out a member of their tribe.

From there, the voted out team will enter ‘Castaway Island’ with hopes to play their way back into the league. Starting in Week 3, the first two castaways will play each other. The winner will advance to play whomever was voted out in Week 3. The process will repeat through Week 5 at which time, the winner of that matchup will rejoin the league.

The teams losing on Castaway Island will be removed completely from the league and locked.

This process will repeat itself beginning with the Week 6 castaway playing the week seven castaway. The winner of this second Castaway Island will rejoin the league for Week 10 at which time the ‘Merge’ will happen and the tribes will be no more.

Reward Challenges will also take place each week with a different unique challenge being presented. The winners of the reward challenge will receive an advantage for the following week.

For Week 1, the Reward Challenge goes back to the roots of fantasy football in the way of head-to-head matchups.

Before I present this Week 1 Reward Challenge, it is worth noting that the first twist of Season 1 came as the draft ended after the tenth round, with three rounds remaining.

This left a few teams without a quarterback or tight end and others lacking depth. Waivers have been locked and teams cannot exceed ten players on their roster until Week 2.

The reward for Week 1 gives the winning tribe the first eight draft slots in each of the last three rounds of the draft. The losing team will occupy selections nine-through-16.

A big advantage to start the season for sure.

This reward challenge begins with the AFC tribe nominating a team to the ‘block.’ The AFC tribe won the coin toss to determine if they wanted even or odd picks in the draft.

From there, the NFC tribe will select that AFC team’s opponent for Week 1. The NFC will then put a team on the ‘block’ for the AFC to select their opponent.

This process will continue until all 16 teams are placed into one of eight Week 1 head-to-head matchups.

The reward is granted to whichever team wins the most head-to-head matchups. In the event of a four-to-four tie, the tribe with the most combined points will receive the reward.

Trading is only allowed within tribes. There will be plenty of trades and strategy happening leading into Week 1 as tribes look to counter and set themselves up in the best way possible for each matchup.

The matchups for this Week 1 head-to-head Reward Challenge are as followed:

  • FantasyFro vs. Rich

  • Logdog vs. Pickens Picks

  • Ytrb vs. Ben

  • Hippo vs. Jake

  • Sean vs. Duke

  • Conner vs. Brooks

  • Cody vs. Christian

  • Trey vs. Marko

Now, let’s meet the contestants for Season 1 of the We Know Fantasy Survivor Fantasy Football League.



Accountant/Professional Fantasy Football Player

  • Fun Fact: He is a huge New York Rangers’ fan and a golf fanatic

  • Fantasy Football Experience: Five Years

  • Favorite Football Team: Dallas Cowboys

  • Favorite Survivor Contestants: Tony Vlachos

  • Favorite Survivor Moment: Tony’s entire Winners at War season.

  • Social Media: @THEJakeFriedman (Twitter)



  • Fun Fact: Introduced the founders of the Long Drinks to each other.

  • Fantasy Football Experience: Too much

  • Favorite Football Team: Buffalo Bills

  • Favorite Survivor Contestants: John Cochran

  • Favorite Survivor Moment: N/a

  • Social Media: N/a


Sports Writer

  • Fun Fact: He attended one-of-the-six games in MLB history where a team threw a no-hitter and lost.

  • Fantasy Football Experience: 13 Years

  • Favorite Football Team: Los Angeles Rams

  • Favorite Survivor Contestants: ‘Boston’ Rob Mariano

  • Favorite Survivor Moment: When Johnny Fairplay lied about his grandma’s death

  • Social Media: @WKFCody (Twitter)

Fantasy Fro


  • Fun Fact: Didn’t start watching Survivor until a few years ago and has since, binge watched a majority of the seasons

  • Fantasy Football Experience: Been playing fantasy for about ten years

  • Favorite Football Team: Philadelphia Eagles

  • Favorite Survivor Contestants: Spencer Bledsoe

  • Favorite Survivor Moment: Spencer was on the first season that he watched and he enjoys cheering for the underdog, just as Spencer was in his season

  • Social Media: @FantasyFro (Twitter)


Sports Tipster

  • Fun Fact: Resides in the UK and became a fan of the NFL through Madden 2003 on the Gameboy Advanced

  • Fantasy Football Experience: Casually playing for ten years, more seriously the last three

  • Favorite Football Team: Chicago Bears

  • Favorite Survivor Contestants: N/a

  • Favorite Survivor Moment: When the UK tried their hands at a version of Survivor in ‘01-’02

  • Social Media: @Thebettingyeti (Twitter)

Pickens Picks

Professional FIFA Player

  • Fun Fact: We are a partnership

  • Fantasy Football Experience: Playing since 2013, has won three championships

  • Favorite Football Team: San Francisco 49ers

  • Favorite Survivor Contestants: John Cochran

  • Favorite Survivor Moment: N/a

  • Social Media: N/a


Software Engineer

  • Fun Fact: Can’t hit a golf ball to save his life but loves to play disc golf. Once accidently ended up with 41 baseballs signed by Garret Anderson

  • Fantasy Football Experience: Playing since Josh Gordon’s breakout in 2013

  • Favorite Football Team: New York Giants

  • Favorite Survivor Contestants: Rob Cesternino

  • Favorite Survivor Moment: “It’s a f****** stick,” from Fans vs. Favorites

  • Social Media: N/a



  • Fun Fact: Brooks and Nate (@WKFNate) have done sports card breaks together.

  • Fantasy Football Experience: A lot of redraft and a decent amount of dynasties.

  • Favorite Football Team: Minnesota Vikings

  • Favorite Survivor Contestants: John Penner

  • Favorite Survivor Moment: Coach’s journey into Exile during Survivor Tocantins

  • Social Media: N/a



Project Manager

  • Fun Fact: Also works in fine dining catering

  • Fantasy Football Experience: Been playing since the '90's

  • Favorite Football Team: Doesn't have a favorite team as a Canadian

  • Favorite Survivor Contestants: Tony Vlachos

  • Favorite Survivor Moment: Tony's Spy Shack

  • Social Media: N/a


High School Volleyball Coach

  • Fun Fact: N/a

  • Fantasy Football Experience: 15 Years

  • Favorite Football Team: New England Patriots

  • Favorite Survivor Contestants: Rick Davens

  • Favorite Survivor Moment: When Rick Devens played the idol to blindside Ron

  • Social Media: N/a


Business Analyst

  • Fun Fact: Has lived all over the country; namely in Phoenix, San Diego, Chicago and Indianapolis. Enjoys being active by mainly playing basketball and weightlifting. Enjoys cooking, trying new restaurants and comedy.

  • Fantasy Football Experience: Circa 2005

  • Favorite Football Team: Los Angeles Chargers and Notre Dame Fighting Irish

  • Favorite Survivor Contestants: Tyson Apostol

  • Favorite Survivor Moment: Wendell Holland’s diss on Chris Noble at tribal council. “Stop. Rapping. You’re trash. At Rapping. Put the mic down, BRO.”

  • Social Media: @cgmoeller1 (Instagram)



  • Fun Fact: Has been the commissioner of over 20-plus fantasy leagues across multiple spots

  • Fantasy Football Experience: Has been playing fantasy football since had it back in the 90’s

  • Favorite Football Team: New York Jets

  • Favorite Survivor Contestants: Rodney Lavoie Jr.

  • Favorite Survivor Moment: Rodney Lavoie’s impressions of Mike Holloway and Dan Foley

  • Social Media: @justplainrich (Twitter)


Sports Trading Card Sales

  • Fun Fact: His two feet are different shoe sizes

  • Fantasy Football Experience: Been playing fantasy football since the eighth grade

  • Favorite Football Team: Green Bay Packers

  • Favorite Survivor Contestants: N/a

  • Favorite Survivor Moment: Has never actually watched Survivor

  • Social Media: N/a


Professional Pickleballer

  • Fun Fact: He is Scott Van Pelt’s favorite Memphian

  • Fantasy Football Experience: Been playing fantasy for about 15 years now

  • Favorite Football Team: New Orleans Saints

  • Favorite Survivor Contestants: Sandra Diaz-Twine

  • Favorite Survivor Moment: When a commissioner of a league he was in decided daft order by who lasted longest in Survivor and Sandra pulled through and got him a top four pick.

  • Social Media: @OverFansPodcast / @Tedford901 (Twitter)



  • Fun Fact: N/a

  • Fantasy Football Experience: N/a

  • Favorite Football Team: N/a

  • Favorite Survivor Contestants: N/a

  • Favorite Survivor Moment: N/a

  • Social Media: N/a


Fire Fighter

  • Fun Fact: Lost his nipple in a biking accident, but it grew back

  • Fantasy Football Experience: 12 Years

  • Favorite Football Team: Notre Dame Fighting Irish

  • Favorite Survivor Contestants: Tony Vlachos

  • Favorite Survivor Moment: Tony’s spy shack in Cagayan

  • Social Media: @hippohammers

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