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We Know Fantasy Survivor Fantasy Football League - Week 2

The first casualty occurred in the inaugural We Know Fantasy Survivor League this week.

Before we get into that, we’ll have to go over what happened across Week 1 to get us to this point.

The first reward challenge took place, as the two opposing tribes, the AFC and NFC battled it out in a traditional head-to-head format with drafting priority for the final three rounds of the suspended start-up draft up for grabs.

The AFC and NFC split the eight matchups, four-to-four but the AFC achieved the most total fantasy points to claim victory in a tie-breaker.

Along with that, the AFC, while recording the most overall fantasy points, claimed the first immunity idol of the season and sent the opposing NFC to Tribal Council.

Here are the results of the Week 1 reward challenge (AFC will be on the left:)

  • Cody (85.66) vs. Christian (102.74)

  • Pickens Picks (142.66) vs. LogDog (78.8)

  • Marko (87.00) vs. Trey (69.38)

  • Brooks (140.66) vs. Christian (77.98)

  • Sean (105.40) vs. Duke (46.44)

  • Fantasy Fro (82.16) vs. Rich (122.94)

  • Yrtb (81.78) vs. Bishop (88.72)

  • Jake (79.46) vs. Hippo (83.94)

After claiming the reward challenge, the AFC received the first eight picks in the ensuing continuation of the start up draft.

After that round, the four NFC teams who won their head-to-head matchup moved up in the order, taking over for the AFC teams who lost their reward challenge matchup.

The final round returned to the original draft order with the AFC receiving the first eight selections.

In tribal council, the NFC unanimously voted out Duke with a final vote of 7-1.

Duke will head to Castaway Island where he will remain idle until Week 3 where he will play the team voted out in Week 2 for a chance to remain in the game. The team that loses the first Castaway Island matchup will be removed from the league for good.

Moving on to Week 2, the Immunity Idol is back up for grabs, as the AFC will look to defend and force the NFC to vote out a second team. The Immunity Idol challenge will still remain the most combined points scored per tribe.

As the AFC now has one extra team, they are forced to sit someone out. That team will not partake in the Week 2 reward or Immunity Idol challenge. That team cannot benefit from the reward challenge in Week 2 if the AFC is to win and additionally, that team cannot be voted out in the event of the AFC losing the Immunity challenge.

The team that sits out also cannot sit out again as long as they remain on the tribe in the future.

This week, the AFC has opted to sit out Fantasy Fro.

The AFC had until 8 p.m. on Thursday (prior to the start of the Thursday Night Football Game) to announce their selection of who were to sit out for Week 2. Inter-tribe transactions were locked until the team was announced.

The AFC opted to wait until the final minute to make their announcement, allowing just ten minutes for tribes to make trades to better position themselves for Week 2. No trades were made by either two teams in that ten minutes.

This week’s reward challenge is the most combined points per tribe of the two starting runningback positions per roster. Only runningbacks that play in each of the team’s two runningback slots will count towards the total.

The reward is waiver wire priority for Week 3. The winning tribe will receive the top eight (or seven) waiver wire slots in reverse order of the total points scored. The losing tribe will occupy the remaining slots in the same format.

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