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Tom Brady's Newest Weapon

The Falcons have officially tapped out for the season. Mohamed Sanu has been traded to the Patriots for a second round pick. This is quite the hall for a 30-year-old wide receiver, however both teams get something in return.

For the Patriots, this gives them a needed piece at a position they are struggling with. In 2018 Sanu offered the 21st best passer rating when targeted by Matt Ryan, this season he was offering the 46th best. For Atlanta, they get a second round pick for a loaded 2020 draft. Austin Hooper secures his role in as the number two option on the Falcons, and we may see Calvin Ridley reemerge once/if Matt Ryan returns this year.

Julian Edelman’s role isn’t in jeopardy, he is and always will be the number one target for Tom Brady. He takes a slight dip from a high end WR2 to a more mid-level WR2, with upside. Currently the Patriots are seventh in passing plays-per-game due to the absence of a running game. To me, this puts Sanu into low end WR3 appeal with upside, but not right away. The Patriots have two more games before the bye week, and Sanu is not up to speed or trusted by Tom Brady yet.

I think his value is currently dead until the Pats can get him up to speed. If you can sell high and capitalize on Sanu’s new perceived value, I would. Sanu is currently owned in 49% of ESPN leagues and 57% of Yahoo leagues. He is worth a stash if your team needs help, but I would be more interested in picking up a Kenny Stills who offers value right now, versus waiting and seeing Sanu’s role for the Pats. If we follow the ‘money’ though, his role should be significant. A second rounder is not something you spend for a depth piece.

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