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The Mania Subsides

The Minshew Mania will be coming to an end in Jacksonville. At least for now. Head coach Doug Marrone announced in his weekly press conference that the team will be returning to former Superbowl MVP Nick Foles as the starting quarterback in the team's Week 11 match-up at Indianapolis after the bye.

The move comes as little surprise after Minshew's worst performance as a pro on Sunday in London. The rookie gunslinger was confused in the pocket, often showing rookie tendencies escaping phantom pressure despite the offensive line's best performance of the season.

Minshew also struggled a few weeks back against the Saints, showing similar shortcomings against the same defensive cover 2 look that baffled him against Houston at Wembley. However the fourth quarter in London was the first time we have seen the wheels complete fall off, watching Minshew turn the ball over on three straight possessions with the game still in doubt.

The decision to return to Foles comes for a variety of reasons. Experience, veteran leadership, and a proven track record to perform in big, clutch situations. While Minshew has shown to have the sort of leadership and poise that is rare for a rookie, Foles has the edge here, along with a better command of the offense. Foles also has one of the quickest releases in football, which should make the pass protection look better than it has. Minshew has made some spectacular plays buying time in the pocket and keeping his eyes down field, but the general thought among Jags brass is Foles' ability to read defenses and go through progressions faster will eliminate the need to extend plays so often.

Consider this a good problem for Jacksonville. They believe they have two quarterbacks capable of starting and winning games at this level. Minshew has an exceptionally football IQ, and he should improve quickly over the next few years, regardless of the depth chart. Whether Minshew is kept as a quality back up behind Foles, who has a questionable injury history, or traded for much higher draft stock than where he was selected, this is good new for Duuuuval county. To be 4-5 heading into the bye week, after losing your starting quarterback 11 plays into the season, and the Ramsey debacle, shows this team is resilient. And they could be poised for a run considering the schedule strength moving forward. Stay tuned.

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