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The B-Team - Week 16

For the penultimate week of the B-Team, we had one of our best weeks in series history. Week 15 saw much success as five of our eight players topped 15 fantasy points. Again, the success of our quarterback directly affects the success of our team. Our quarterback in Week 15 was Jalen Hurts, who posted 37.82 fantasy points. That’s a big boost for our team. We have just one week left of the B-team and due to my poor planning, we have four less games and eight less teams to choose from. Anyhow, let’s buckle up and get that 100 point goal for Week 16!

This is a series where I construct a hypothetical fantasy football lineup using players that are owned in less than 40-percent of Yahoo and/or ESPN leagues. The goal of the series is to top 100 PPR fantasy points using the make-shift team. The premise is to show that there is readily available value at all times across most waiver wires. You can find last week’s results below and the result of previous weeks at the bottom of this article.

Outside of Hurts, we had a bunch of success across our lineup. Salvon Ahmed also topped 20 fantasy points, as he ran the ball 23 times for 122 yards and a touchdown. Kendrick Bourne finished just shy of 20 fantasy points with 18.6 points on the back of four receptions for 86 yards and a touchdown. Russell Gage was not too far behind Bourne with 17.8 fantasy points. Gage caught five receptions for 68 yards and a score. The Dallas Cowboys’ also posted 15 fantasy points.

Week 15 Results

Jalen Hurts (Philadelphia Eagles) - 37.82 points

Salvon Ahmed (Miami Dolphins) - 21.7 points

Sony Michel (New England Patriots) - 9.2 points

Kendrick Bourne (San Francisco 49ers) - 18.6 points

Russell Gage (Atlanta Falcons) - 17.8 points

Cole Kmet (Chicago Bears) - 3.2 points

Keelan Cole Sr. (Jacksonville Jaguars) - 4.2 points

Dallas Cowboys - 15 points

Total: 127.52 points

Week 16 Lineup


Mitchell Trubisky (Chicago Bears) - Owned in 16% of Yahoo and 23.2% of ESPN leagues

Here we go. The final week of the B-Team, the championship week as you may, will be led by Mitchell Trubisky. Yes you read that right. Before you jump down my throat, the Jaguars have allowed the second most fantasy points to opposing quarterbacks. Additionally, with the Cardinals’ loss to the 49ers’ on Saturday, the Bears’ hold their own destiny. If they win their final two games, they make the playoffs. This is the first step in getting there. Trubisky has also not been playing bad since his return to the starting job either.


Gus Edwards (Baltimore Ravens) - Owned in 40% of Yahoo and 24.6% of ESPN leagues

Runningbacks, as always, are limited for this series. I know J.K. Dobbins has been coming into his own as of late, but Edwards has also put up some decent fantasy lines himself. He’s gone over ten fantasy points in two of his last three games, finishing just shy of the mark last week with 9.8 fantasy points. He’s also just a week removed from a two touchdown performance against the Cleveland Browns. On top of this, the Giants have allowed the ninth most fantasy points to opposing runningbacks.

Dare Ogunbowale (Jacksonville Jaguars) - Owned in 7% of Yahoo and 0.9% of ESPN leagues

James Robinson has been ruled out for the Jaguars’ Week 16 matchup with the Chicago Bears. Ogunbowale was a guy I was really high on going into the season, but that was when he was with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Now he gets a chance to shine with what could be a lead role with the Jaguars this week. He totalled 25 yards a week ago on three touches coming in for Robinson.

Wide Receivers

Russell Gage (Atlanta Falcons) - Owned in 36% of Yahoo and 27.9% of ESPN leagues

How is Gage still available in less than 40-percent of leagues? With Julio Jones still struggling with injuries and out for the Falcons’ Week 16 game with the Kansas City Chiefs, Gage is in line for yet another big week. Gage has topped 15 fantasy points in three straight weeks with Jones sidelined with injury. He’s seen at least seven targets in each of those games and scored two touchdowns over the last three weeks. The Chiefs obviously put up points in a hurry meaning the Falcons may need to be throwing the ball from behind in the game.

Jakobi Meyers (New England Patriots) - Owned in 31% of Yahoo and 35.5% of ESPN leagues

Meyers had a big week a week ago with 16.1 fantasy points against the Miami Dolphins. He did this catching seven-of-ten targets for 111 yards. The Patriots have already been eliminated from the playoffs and Cam Newton is playing for his future. He may be looking to put on a display of what he can still do this week on Primetime Monday Night Football against the Buffalo Bills. If Newton has a good week, so will Meyers.

Tight End

Dalton Schultz (Dallas Cowboys) - Owned in 20% of Yahoo and 28.5% of ESPN leagues

The Cowboys are playing much better football as of late. They put together two straight victories and get divisional rival Philadelphia Eagles this week. Schultz is a safe bet for about ten fantasy points each week. He caught a touchdown last week against the 49ers. He hasn’t topped ten fantasy points in some time, but each week he’s just shy. Plus, he gets the Eagles this week who have allowed the ninth most fantasy points to opposing tight ends.


Marvin Hall (Cleveland Browns) - Owned in 5% of Yahoo and 0.3% of ESPN leagues

Marvin Hall is the only receiver left on the Browns’ active roster as the remainder of receivers will miss the game due to direct close contact with a Covid positive individual. It is safe to say that the Browns will run the ball as often as possible against the New York Jets on Sunday, but when they are forced to throw the ball, Hall will be Baker’s top option being the only receiver that was on the active roster and not from their practice squad.


Houston Texans vs. Cincinnati Bengals - Owned in 42% of Yahoo and 19% of ESPN leagues

The Bengals shocked the league with it’s Primetime Monday Night Football victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers. However, the Bengals did post just 17 points in that game. They have allowed the fourth most fantasy points to opposing defenses. This isn’t a fantastic play as the Houston defense is far from impressive, but I think with the matchup, there’s a safe floor here.

Week 1 Results

Derek Carr (Oakland Raiders) - 13.56 points

Boston Scott (Philadelphia Eagles) - 7.4 points

Jerick McKinnon (San Francisco 49ers) - 13.4 points

Kendrick Bourne (San Francisco 49ers) - 5.4 points

Bryan Edwards (Oakland Raiders) - 1.9 points

Jack Doyle (Indianapolis Colts) - 7.9 points

Marquez Valdes-Scantling (Green Bay Packers) - 19.6 points

Detroit Lions - 1 point

Total: 70.16 points

Week 2 Results

Philip Rivers (Indianapolis Colts) - 11.86 points

Peyton Barber (Washington Football Team) - 0.10 points

Frank Gore (New York Jets) - 6.3 points

Corey Davis (Carolina Panthers) - 12.6 points

Scotty Miller (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) - 3.2 points

Logan Thomas (Washington Football Team) - 6.6 points

Tre’Quan Smith (New Orleans Saints) - 13.6 points

Seattle Seahawks - 3 points

Total: 57.26 points

Week 3 Results

Mitchell Trubisky (Chicago Bears) - 12.62 points

Jeff Wilson Jr. (San Francisco 49ers) - 21.9 points

Frank Gore (New York Jets) - 7.2 points

K.J. Hamler (Denver Broncos) - 5.8 points

Cole Beasley (Buffalo Bills) - 16 points

Logan Thomas (Washington Football Team) - 7.1 points

Marquez Valdes-Scantling (Green Bay Packers) - 1.5 points

Cleveland Browns - 14 points

Total: 86.12

Week 4 Results

Ryan Fitzpatrick (Miami Dolphins) - 23.3 points

Jeff Wilson Jr. (San Francisco 49ers) - 2.9 points

Brian Hill (Atlanta Falcons) - 4.3 points

Cole Beasley (Buffalo Bills) - 12.2 points

Greg Ward Jr. (Philadelphia Eagles) - 7.8 points

Robert Tonyan (Green Bay Packers) - 33.8 points

Hunter Renfrow (Las Vegas Raiders) - 10.7 points

Cincinnati Bengals - 5 points

Total: 100 points

Week 5 Results

Jimmy Garopollo (San Francisco 49ers) - 1.08 points

Justin Jackson (Los Angeles Chargers) - 14.4 points

J.D. McKissic (Washington Football Team) - 10.9 points

Golden Tate (New York Giants) - 8.2 points

Keelan Cole (Jacksonville Jaguars) - 10.7 points

Ian Thomas (Carolina Panthers) - 0 points

Tre’Quan Smith (New Orleans Saints) - 2.8 points

Dallas Cowboys - 9 points

Total - 57.08

Week 6 Results

Andy Dalton (Dallas Cowboys) - 13.04

Frank Gore (New York Jets) - 11

J.D. McKissic (Washington Football Team) - 14.4

Travis Fulgham (Philadelphia Eagles) - 19.5

Cole Beasley (Buffalo Bills) - 14.5

Trey Burton (Indianapolis Colts) - 21.9

James Washington (Pittsburgh Steelers) - 16.8

Washington Football Team - 4

Total: 115.14

Week 7 Results

Kyle Allen (Washington Football Team) - 16.86 points

J.D. McKissic (Washington Football Team) - 7.1 point

JaMycal Hasty (San Francisco 49ers) - 8.3 points

Laviska Shenault (Jacksonville Jaguars) - 7.4 points

Cole Beasley (Buffalo Bills) - 22.2 points

Logan Thomas (Washington Football Team) - 16 points

Adam Humphries (Tennessee Titans) - 3.9 points

Cincinnati Bengals - -2 points

Total: 63.76 points

Week 8 Results

Baker Mayfield (Cleveland Browns) - 7.78 points

La’Michal Perine (New York Jets) - 5.3 points

Tevin Coleman (San Francisco 49ers) - 2 points

Scotty Miller (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) - 7.2 points

Jalen Reagor (Philadelphia Eagles) - 13.2 points

Richard Rodgers (Philadelphia Eagles) - 0 points

Kendrick Bourne (San Francisco 49ers) - 16.1 points

Green Bay Packers - 0 points

Total: 51.58 points

Week 9 Results

Drew Lock (Denver Broncos) - 30.22 points

Gus Edwards (Baltimore Ravens) - 9.4 points

J.D. McKissic (Washington Football Team) - 17.2 points

Darnell Mooney (Chicago Bears) - 9.3 points

Randall Cobb (Houston Texans) - 5.1 points

Tyler Eifert (Jacksonville Jaguars ) - 8.8 points

Jakobi Meyers (New England Patriots) - 28.9 points

Houston Texans - 4 points

Total: 112.92

Week 10 Results

Drew Lock (Denver Broncos) - 10.98 points

Kalen Ballage (Los Angeles Chargers) - 15.2 points

Rex Burkhead (New England Patriots) - 22.6 points

Jakobi Meyers (New England Patriots) - 15.86 points

Tim Patrick (Denver Broncos) - 10.1 points

Jordan Reed (San Francisco 49ers) - 11.2 points

Nelson Agholor (Las Vegas Raiders) - 1.8 points

Detroit Lions - 4 points

Total: 91.74 points

Week 11 Results

Kirk Cousins (Minnesota Vikings) - 22.96 points

Kerryon Johnson (Detroit Lions) - 5.8 points

Jordan Wilkins (Indianapolis Colts) - 4.6 points

Jalen Reagor (Philadelphia Eagles) - 9.2 points

Michael Pittman Jr. (Indianapolis Colts) - 15.6 points

Dalton Schultz (Dallas Cowboys) - 12.5 points

Keelan Cole Jr. (Jacksonville Jaguars) - 4.6 points

Cincinnati Bengals - 5 points

Total: 80.26 points

Week 12 Results

Ryan Fitzpatrick (Miami Dolphins) - 19.28 points

Brian Hill (Atlanta Falcons) - 5.5 points

Benny Snell Jr. (Pittsburgh Steelers) - 12.3 points

Kendall Hinton (Denver Broncos) - -0.78 points

Nelson Agholor (Las Vegas Raiders) - 10.4 points

Jordan Reed (San Francisco 49ers) - 3.8 points

Jalen Reagor (Philadelphia Eagles) - 4.1 points

Carolina Panthers - 19 points

Total: 73.6 points

Week 13 Results

Colt McCoy (New York Giants) - 9.4 points

Devontae Booker (Las Vegas Raiders) - 6.1 points

Frank Gore (New York Jets) - 0.2 points

Denzel Mims (New York Jets) - 8 points

Keke Coutee (Houston Texans) - 22.1 points

Kyle Rudolph (Minnesota Vikings) - 0 points

Allen Lazard (Green Bay Packers) - 8 points

Las Vegas Raiders - 8 points

Total: 61.8 points

Week 14 Results

Andy Dalton (Dallas Cowboys) - 15.3 points

DeAndre Washington (Miami Dolphins) - 7.2 points

Ito Smith (Atlanta Falcons) - 5.5 points

Keke Coutee (Houston Texans) - 9.4 points

Allen Lazard (Green Bay Packers) - 3.9 points

Cole Kmet (Chicago Bears) - 8.1 points

Russell Gage (Atlanta Falcons) - 18.76 points

Dallas Cowboys - 18 points

Total: 86.16 points

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