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Streamable Defenses - Week 6

At least neither of our suggestions from Week 5 posted negative points. Our top suggestion had a quality week as the Cowboys held on to beat the New York Giants. Beyond that, last week wasn’t much of a highlight for the series. The premise of this article is to bring forth three streamable defenses that fantasy football players should look to use for that respective week. To qualify for this series, defenses must be owned in less than 40-percent of Yahoo and/or ESPN leagues. At least one of the suggested defenses will be owned in less than 10-percent of Yahoo and/or ESPN leagues to cater to every fantasy player. You can find last week’s results below and previous week’s results at the bottom of this article.

The Cowboys used a defensive touchdown in route to a nine fantasy point performance. This came after the team posted just one total fantasy point over the first four weeks. I expected much more out of the New York Jet who, in all honesty, have posted some quality fantasy defensive performances. They did get a take away, but allowed 30 points. Washington also recorded a take away but allowed the Rams to post 30 points.

Week 5 Results

Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants - 9 points

New York Jets vs. Arizona Cardinals - 2 points

Washington Football Team vs. Los Angeles Rams - 2 points

Week 6 Suggestions

Miami Dolphins vs. New York Jets - Owned in 3% of Yahoo and 1.7% of ESPN leagues

Man, 2020 continues to get odder. The Dolphins just blew out the defending NFC Champions a week ago and now are featured in this week’s streamable defenses of the week series. The Dolphins sacked Jimmy Garappolo and C.J. Beathard five times, had two interruptions and a fumble recovery, all while allowing just 17 points. Now they get the most dysfunctional team in all of the NFL. Who knows if Sam Darnold plays and even if he does, who cares. The Jets released Le’Veon Bell Tuesday even. It goes without saying, the Jets have given up the most fantasy points to opposing defenses thus far this season.

Washington Football Team at New York Giants - Owned in 7% of Yahoo 6.8% of ESPN leagues

Am I going to learn my lesson after suggesting Washington last week to only have them put up two points? No. If they played anyone but the New York Giants, I might have. However, this Giants team just allowed the horrible Dallas Cowboys’ defense to record nine fantasy points, after the team had just one fantasy point through the first four weeks. The Giants have also allowed the second most fantasy points to opposing defenses thus far this season, second to, you guessed it, the Jets. It’s odd when Buffalo is the best New York football team, by far.

Green Bay Packers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Owned in 18% of Yahoo and 6.5% of ESPN leagues

You know whose offense is not as good as everyone hyped it up to be in the off-season? Tampa Bay. They have missed Chris Godwin and Mike Evans for multiple games at times thus far and O.J. Howard is out for the season. Godwin may not play again this week and Leonard Fournette remains questionable. This isn’t a pick that’s going to post a ton of points. This is a safe floor pick, as my previous two picks are the big points type of suggestions. If the Dolphins or Washington Football Team’s defenses are not available to you, the Packers could get the job done.

Week 1 Results

Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears - 1 Point

Tennessee Titans @ Denver Broncos - 3 Points

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Indianapolis Colts - 6 Points

Week 2 Results

Cincinnati Bengals @ Cleveland Browns - -2 Points

Seattle Seahawks vs. New England Patriots - 3 Points

Arizona Cardinals vs. Washington Football Team - 9 Points

Week 3 Results

Los Angeles Chargers vs. Carolina Panthers - 4 points

Cleveland Browns vs. Washington Football Team - 14 points

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Miami Dolphins - 0 points

Week 4 Results

Denver Broncos at New York Jets - 6 points

Arizona Cardinals at Carolina Panthers - 1 point

New York Jets vs. Denver Broncos - 8 points

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