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Streamable Defenses - Week 15

This is a first in the history of the We Know Fantasy Streamable Defenses series. Each one of our suggested defenses for Week 14, the opening round of the fantasy football playoffs, topped 10 fantasy football points. Although the order we suggested them in would actually have favored you if you reversed it, you could not have gone wrong with either of the options we put out there last week. So with that being said, I’ll just go ahead and give myself a pat on the back, because we darn sure know no one else will. Now, onto the semi-finals!

The Streamable Defenses of the Week article drops every Tuesday night on our website ( We feature three defenses that are owned in less than 40-percent of Yahoo and/or ESPN leagues and at least one of those defenses will be owned in less than 10-percent of leagues. You can find last week’s results below and previous week’s results at the bottom of this article.

Week 14 Results

Tennessee Titans at Oakland Raiders - 10 points

Indianapolis Colts at Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 11 points

Atlanta Falcons vs. Carolina Panthers - 14 points

Week 15 Suggestions

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Denver Broncos - Owned in 32% of Yahoo and 23.8% of ESPN leagues

I know Drew Lock has been playing well through his first two starts, but he also has gotten the Chargers and Texans, not the most daunting of defenses. Now, he travels into Arrowhead Stadium, one of the hardest places to play, in just his third NFL start to take on a division rival. The Chiefs have also sacked the opposing quarterback 37 times thus far this season, good enough for 11th in the league. They’ll be getting to Lock early and often, forcing some errored throws in a hostile environment. I’m all over Kansas City's defense this week.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Detroit Lions - Owned in 4% of Yahoo and 6.9% of ESPN leagues

This is obviously a very risky pick, but at this point of the season, you need to take a risk. The Buccaneers’ get the Detroit Lions this week, who have David Blough at quarterback. Blough had a less than ideal performance a week ago where he went 24-40 for 205 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions. The entire Lions’ offense is banged up and they’re missing play makers left and right. I know the Tampa defense is not good by any measure, but they did post 16 fantasy points in Week 12 against Atlanta and 23 fantasy points in Week 13 against the Jaguars. If there’s a defense worth taking a flier on this week, it’s Tampa.

Tennessee Titans vs. Houston Texans - Owned in 34% of Yahoo and 32.6% of ESPN leagues

AFC South supremacy is on the line in this game. Both teams sit at 8-5 and the winner will take the edge for the division lead. The Titans, believe it or not, are one of the hottest teams in all of football ridding a four winning streak. Over those four weeks, they’ve beaten teams such as the Chiefs, Jaguars, Colts and Raiders. Their defense scored 11, 6, 20 and 10 fantasy points respectively over that time period as well. Now I know the Texans are fresh off an improbable victory in Foxboro two weeks ago, but were just beat by Drew Lock and the Denver Broncos a week ago. I think the Titans continue to play hot in this one, especially their defense.

Week 2 Results

Houston Texans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars - 10 points

Tennessee Titans vs. Indianapolis Colts - 8 points

Carolina Panthers vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 6 points

Week 3 Results

Green Bay Packers vs. Denver Broncos - 13 points

San Francisco 49ers vs. Pittsburgh Steelers - 7 points

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. New York Giants - 8 points

Week 4 Results

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cincinnati Bengals - 19 points

Indianapolis Colts vs. Oakland Raiders - 3 points

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Pittsburgh Steelers - 2 points

Week 5 Results

Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Jets - 35 points

Tennessee Titans vs. Buffalo Bills - 7 points

Arizona Cardinals vs. Cincinnati Bengals - 1 point

Week 6 Results

Washington at Miami Dolphins - 10 points

Green Bay Packers vs. Detroit Lions - 3 points

Denver Broncos vs. Tennessee Titans - 23 points

Week 7 Results

Houston Texans vs. Oakland Raiders - 2 points

Detroit Lions vs. Minnesota Vikings - -4 points

New York Giants vs. Arizona Cardinals - 10 points

Week 8 Results

Detroit Lions vs. New York Giants - 11 points

Indianapolis Colts vs. Denver Broncos - 7 points

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Tennessee Titans - 5 points

Week 9 Results

Cleveland Browns at Denver Broncos - 5 points

New York Jets at Miami Dolphins - 6 points

Miami Dolphins vs. New York Jets - 8 points

Week 10 Results

Indianapolis Colts vs. Miami Dolphins - 8 points

New York Giants at New York Jets - 1 point

Kansas City Chiefs at Tennessee Titans - 5 points

Week 11 Results

New York Jets at Washington - 9 points

Oakland Raiders vs. Cincinnati Bengals - 13 points

Washington vs. New York Jets - 5 points

Week 12 Results

Seattle Seahawks at Philadelphia Eagles - 17 points

Detroit Lions at Washington - 8 points

Denver Broncos at Buffalo Bills - 4 point

Week 13 Results

New York Jets at Cincinnati Bengals - 2 points

Carolina Panthers vs. Washington - 6 points

Arizona Cardinals vs. Los Angeles Rams - 0 points

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