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Streamable Defenses - Week 11

Week 10 can be chalked up as a W for the Streamable Defenses of the Week series. We topped at least four fantasy points with each of our three suggestions. It was our last of three suggestions that took the title as the highest scoring suggested defense of the week. Let's keep the success rolling with our Week 11 suggestions! We’re getting closer to a top 10 finish among combined week-to-week totals with our top suggestion!

The premise of this article is to bring forth three streamable defenses that fantasy football players should look to use for that respective week. To qualify for this series, defenses must be owned in less than 40-percent of Yahoo and/or ESPN leagues. At least one of the suggested defenses will be owned in less than 10-percent of Yahoo and/or ESPN leagues to cater to every fantasy player. You can find last week’s results below and previous week’s results at the bottom of this article.

Our top suggestion of the week was the Green Bay Packers as they played host to Jake Luton and the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Packers allowed just 20 points to the Jaguars while recording three sacks and an interception. The Detroit Lions hosting the Washington Football Team was our below 10-percent owned pick. They recorded four fantasy points on two sacks and a fumble recovery while allowing 27 points. Our top performing defense of the week was the Minnesota Vikings on Monday Night Football visiting the Chicago Bears. The Vikings recorded both an interception and fumble recovery while allowing just 10 points to the Bears in route to a 10 fantasy point day.

Week 10 Results

Green Bay Packers vs. Jacksonville Jaguars - 6 points

Detroit Lions vs. Washington Football Team - 4 points

Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears - 10 points

Week 11 Suggestions

Cleveland Browns vs. Philadelphia Eagles - Owned in 19% of Yahoo and 20.7% of ESPN leagues

On paper this doesn’t look like an ideal selection. The Browns? We’re really going to go with the Browns? The Browns use sacks to help their fantasy value as they average roughly 2.5 per game and have averaged just shy of three-per-game over their last three outings. Carson Wentz also now stands alone as the league leader in interceptions thrown at 12. The Browns’ defense also has seven interceptions on the season. The chances Wentz turns the ball over at least once are high. Combine that with the Cleveland sacks and the fact that the Eagles only average 22.6 points-per-game (9th fewest) is a recipe for success.

Cincinnati Bengals at Washington Football Team - Owned in 2% of Yahoo and 2.3% of ESPN leagues

Insert the Michael Scott “I’m ready to get hurt again” meme. I’ve suggested the Bengals’ defense a few times in this series and have been let down each time. I for some reason keep gravitating back to this team. That’s in part due to the rules I made for myself where I have to have at least one defense owned in less than 10-percent of leagues. Anyhow, Washington has allowed the seventh most fantasy points to opposing defenses. The Lions’ defense even mustered up four points against the Football Team. Alex Smith threw the ball 55 times in that game but didn’t throw an interception. Let’s not forget though that he threw four the week prior against the Giants. We don’t know what Washington team we’ll see week-in-and-week-out. If it’s the one that played the Giants, get ready for a lot of fantasy points for the Bengals’ defense.

Houston Texans vs. New England Patriots - Owned in 12% of Yahoo and 15.9% of ESPN leagues

Fantasy football has you doing weird things, like listing both the Bengals and Texans in your streamable defenses article. The New England Patriots are not a good football team. Cam Newton is washed. Cam has thrown seven interceptions thus far this season, tying him for eighth most in the league. This Texans’ defense has been somewhat competent as of late as well. They’ve allowed just 25 and 10 points respectively over their last two games. Their two interceptions on the season have also come over their last four games. This play isn’t ideal, but with limited options with streaming defenses this week, you could do worse than the Texans.

Overall Results

Top Options - 53 fantasy points (DST14)

Mid Options - 40 fantasy points (DST21)

Under 10% - 35 fantasy points (DST22)

Week 1 Results

Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears - 1 Point

Tennessee Titans @ Denver Broncos - 3 Points

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Indianapolis Colts - 6 Points

Week 2 Results

Cincinnati Bengals @ Cleveland Browns - -2 Points

Seattle Seahawks vs. New England Patriots - 3 Points

Arizona Cardinals vs. Washington Football Team - 9 Points

Week 3 Results

Los Angeles Chargers vs. Carolina Panthers - 4 points

Cleveland Browns vs. Washington Football Team - 14 points

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Miami Dolphins - 0 points

Week 4 Results

Denver Broncos at New York Jets - 6 points

Arizona Cardinals at Carolina Panthers - 1 point

New York Jets vs. Denver Broncos - 8 points

Week 5 Results

Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants - 9 points

New York Jets vs. Arizona Cardinals - 2 points

Washington Football Team vs. Los Angeles Rams - 2 points

Week 6 Results

Miami Dolphins vs. New York Jets - 15 points

Washington Football Team at New York Giants - 4 points

Green Bay Packers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers - -1 point

Week 7 Results

Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Giants - 9 points

Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals - 7 points

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Cleveland Browns - -2 points

Week 8 Results

Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings - 0 points

Tennessee Titans at Cincinnati Bengals - -1 points

Detroit Lions vs. Indianapolis Colts - 0 points

Week 9 Results

Washington Football Team vs. New York Giants - 5 points

Arizona Cardinals vs. Miami Dolphins - 2 points

Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars - 4 points

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