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Streamable Defenses of the Week - Week 5 (2023)

What a week it was for the Streamable Defenses of the Week. The Bengals may not have lit up the board as our top option, but they could have done a lot worse in a one-sided loss to the Tennessee Titans. The Seattle Seahawks really helped our struggling middle-suggestion with a massive showing on Monday Night Football and the Houston Texans, our less than ten-percent owned suggestion, held their own against the Pittsburgh Steelers. It’s weeks like this that get me fired up! Let’s roll right into Week 5!

I’m one to never invest a high draft stock into team defenses. I play the waiver wire every single week to find my D/ST for the upcoming week. Due to this, I find myself never drafting a defense and waiting for just before the start of Week 1 to grab my first defense of the season. This is where this series comes into play. Every week I will be suggesting my favorite three team defenses that are regularly available on waiver wires across most formats. I will also keep a running total of how my selections measure up across the season below.

The premise of this article is to bring forth three streamable defenses that fantasy football players should look to use for that respective week. To qualify for this series, defenses must be owned in less than 40-percent of Yahoo and/or ESPN leagues. At least one of the suggested defenses will be owned in less than 10-percent of Yahoo and/or ESPN leagues to cater to as many fantasy players as possible. You can find last week’s results below and previous week’s results at the bottom of this article.

The Bengals allowed 27 points to the Titans while recording three sacks and an interception for five fantasy points. The Seahawks were the big winners of the week, totaling 30 fantasy points. They allowed just three points on Monday Night Football to the New York Giants. The Seahawks sacked Daniel Jones 11 times while recording two interceptions, a fumble recovery and a defensive touchdown. The Texans held the Steelers to just six points while recording three sacks and an interception en route to 12 fantasy points.

Week 4 Results

Cincinnati Bengals at Tennessee Titans - 5 Points

Seattle Seahawks at New York Giants - 30 Points

Houston Texans vs. Pittsburgh Steelers - 12 Points

Overall Results

Top Suggestion - 44 Points (D/ST4)

Middle Suggestion - 30 Points (D/ST11)

Under 10% Owned Suggestion - 36 Points (D/ST8)

Week 5 Suggestions

Washington Commanders vs. Chicago Bears - Owned in 28% of Yahoo and 18.9% of ESPN Leagues

This should come to no surprise. The Chicago Bears’ offense is god awful. They have allowed the second most fantasy points to opposing defenses through the first four weeks of the season. They showed some life last week against the Denver Broncos but the Broncos still sacked Fields four times and intercepted him once. Fields has been sacked 17 times thus far this season, the third most in the NFL. Fields has also thrown five interceptions through the first four weeks of the season, placing him tied for third most in the NFL. Washington just had back-to-back tough games against the Bills and Eagles but did start the season scoring 11 and ten fantasy points respectively against the Cardinals and Broncos.

Detroit Lions vs. Carolina Panthers - Owned in 15% of Yahoo and 4.9% of ESPN Leagues

Like the Chicago Bears, this Carolina Panthers’ offense is not good at all. They have allowed the seventh most fantasy points to opposing defenses through the first four weeks of the season. The combination of Bryce Young and Andy Dalton have been sacked 14 times already this season which would place them as the sixth most sacked quarterback in the NFL. The Panthers have also recorded the eighth fewest offensive yards to start the season as well. The Lions have allowed a combined 26 points across their last two games while racking up 12 sacks, two interceptions and a fumble recovery. They won’t be slowing down at all this week.

Houston Texans at Atlanta Falcons - Owned in 4% of Yahoo and 5.2% of ESPN Leagues

After playing Houston in this series last week, I might as well go back to the well. The Texans held the Pittsburgh Steelers to just six points last week and get the Atlanta Falcons this week, who have allowed the sixth most fantasy points to opposing defenses. Across their last two outings, the Texans’ defense has allowed a combined 23 points to the Jaguars and the Steelers. Desmond Ridder has been sacked 16 times, which is tied for fourth most in the NFL and average the ninth fewest offensive yards per game across the first four weeks.

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