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Streamable Defenses of the Week - Week 4

Week 3 was far from our success in Week 2. We didn’t have any negative points, but we also didn’t have any crazy results like we did last week in the Chicago Bears. We didn’t do awful in the grand scheme of things, but we could have done much better. We fell from our DST1 ranking to DST3 with our top option. We’re still lacking with our middle and under 10-percent options where we currently rank DST21 and DST32 respectively. We need to boost those numbers asap because honestly, it’s embarrassing. Let's move onto Week 4!

If you’re anything like me, you don’t draft a defense, or wait until your very last pick. I always find it more important to use earlier selections on position players as you can find great value on the waiver wire each week for defenses. I will also keep a running total of my top, second and below 10-percent results and provide a ranking of where my results rank according to other defenses throughout the season.

The premise of this article is to bring forth three streamable defenses that fantasy football players should look to use for that respective week. To qualify for this series, defenses must be owned in less than 40-percent of Yahoo and/or ESPN leagues. At least one of the suggested defenses will be owned in less than 10-percent of Yahoo and/or ESPN leagues to cater to every fantasy player. You can find last week’s results below and previous week’s results at the bottom of this article.

The Carolina Panthers led the way for us with their Thursday Night Football win over the Houston Texans. Although they only allowed nine points to Houston, they didn’t record a takeaway and had four sacks. This resulted in eight fantasy points. Not too bad. The Raiders allowed 22 points to the Jacoby Brissett led Miami Dolphins but only recorded two sacks and no turnovers. The Titans allowed just 16 points to the Colts but also only had two sacks in the loss.

Week 3 Results

Carolina Panthers at Houston Texans - 8 points

Las Vegas Raiders vs. Miami Dolphins - 4 points

Tennessee Titans vs. Indianapolis Colts - 3 points

Overall Results

Top Suggestion - 36 points (DST3)

Middle Suggestion - 15 points (DST21)

Under 10% Owned - 1 points (DST32)

Week 4 Suggestions

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Jacksonville Jaguars - Owned in 6% of Yahoo and 7.2% of ESPN leagues

The Trevor Lawrence-Urban Meyer era in Jacksonville has been off to one rocky start. As the tandem attempts to get on track, they come into Cincinnati where the Bengals’ defense has only allowed 44 points over the first three games of the season. That’s not awful. The Jaguars have already allowed the second most fantasy points to opposing defenses to start the season and I don’t see that improving anytime soon. The Bengals will be a great play this week, especially as they are owned in less than 7-percent of Yahoo and ESPN leagues. They’ll almost be guaranteed to be available in your league.

Tennessee Titans at New York Jets - Owned in 18% of Yahoo and 12.2% of ESPN leagues

The Titans were our under 10-percent owned suggestion a week ago and didn’t perform to expectations. Part of that was because I expected Carson Wentz to miss the game, but he ended up playing for the Colts. However, this week, the Titans’ defense gets the dreadful New York Jets’ offense. Zach Wilson is turning the ball over at an insane rate and to put it simply, this is a typical Jets’ offense that we’ve seen over the past decade. I still believe this Titans’ defense to be better than they get credit for and they’ll be able to show that this week in New York. Not like that is hard to do or anything. Oh, by the way, the Jets have allowed the most fantasy points to opposing defenses thus far this season.

Dallas Cowboys vs. Carolina Panthers - Owned in 7% of Yahoo and 4.1% of ESPN leagues

The Dallas Cowboys’ secondary has been a world of difference from what we’ve seen in previous years thus far this season. In each of their first three games, the Cowboys’ secondary has six interceptions; averaging two per game. That is insane. On top of that they have two fumble recoveries and four sacks. If you’re a follower of us, you know I (Nate) am a big Sam Darnold and Carolina Panthers guy. I picked them to make the playoffs in the off-season. However, with the way this Cowboys’ defense, specifically the secondary, is playing, I have to play their defense. This is especially with the way they’re taking the ball away.

Week 1 Results

Carolina Panthers vs. New York Jets - 9 points

Minnesota Vikings at Cincinnati Bengals - 5 points

Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans - -3 points

Week 2 Results

Chicago Bears vs. Cincinnati Bengals - 19 points

New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers - 6 points

Arizona Cardinals vs. Minnesota Vikings - 1 point

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