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Streamable Defenses of the Week - Week 11

It was one of those “middle-of-the-road” types of weeks out of the Streamable Defenses of the Week in Week 10. We didn’t post a heavy-hitter but didn’t post any goose-eggs or negative-point performances either. You can’t always hit it out of the park every at-bat, but you can put it in play and that’s exactly what we did. Our less than ten-percent owned suggestion remains the D/ST1 on the season as our middle suggestion is the D/ST6 and our top suggestion the D/ST14. Let’s start the back-end of the fantasy football season with a bang!

I’m one to never invest a high draft stock into team defenses. I play the waiver wire every single week to find my D/ST for the upcoming week. Due to this, I find myself never drafting a defense and waiting for just before the start of Week 1 to grab my first defense of the season. This is where this series comes into play. Every week I will be suggesting my favorite three team defenses that are regularly available on waiver wires across most formats. I will also keep a running total of how my selections measure up across the season below.

The premise of this article is to bring forth three streamable defenses that fantasy football players should look to use for that respective week. To qualify for this series, defenses must be owned in less than 40-percent of Yahoo and/or ESPN leagues. At least one of the suggested defenses will be owned in less than 10-percent of Yahoo and/or ESPN leagues to cater to as many fantasy players as possible. You can find last week’s results below and previous week’s results at the bottom of this article.

Our top suggestion in Week 10 was the Seattle Seahawks who played host to the Washington Commanders. The Seahawks posted five fantasy points while allowing 26 points, recording three sacks and a fumble recovery. Our middle suggestion was our biggest performer of the week as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers posted 13 fantasy points against the Tennessee Titans. The Buccaneers allowed just six points to Will Levis and the Titans while recording four sacks and an interception. Our less than ten-percent suggestion was the Chicago Bears who recorded seven fantasy points against the Carolina Panthers on Thursday Night Football. The Bears allowed 13 points while recording three sacks.

Week 10 Results

Seattle Seahawks vs. Washington Commanders - 5 Points

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Tennessee Titans - 13 Points

Chicago Bears vs. Carolina Panthers - 7 Points

Overall Results

Top Suggestion - 73 Points (D/ST14)

Middle Suggestion - 85 Points (D/ST6)

Under 10% Owned - 115 Points (D/ST1)

Week 11 Suggestions

Washington Commanders vs. New York Giants - Owned in 24% of Yahoo and 20.3% of ESPN Leagues

The New York Giants have already allowed the single most fantasy points to opposing defense on the entire season and will roll out either Tommy DeVito or Matt Barkley against the Washington Commanders in Week 11. No matter who the Giants opt to roll out on Sunday, there is no getting around the fact that it will be ugly. This is one of those plays where it’s not that the Washington defense is good, especially post trade deadline where they moved on from Montez Sweat (Bears) and Chase Young (49ers,) but rather one where the matchup is too good to be true.

Minnesota Vikings at Denver Broncos - Owned in 18% of Yahoo and 23.9% of ESPN Leagues

I’m a big golf betting handicapper (shameless plug for the Out of the Rough articles and podcast) and I often talk about ‘spike’ putting weeks when I come to picking my golfers each week. Well, it seems that the Vikings’ defense can have ‘spike’ weeks of their own. The Vikings recorded 17 fantasy points against the Carolina Panthers in Week 4, 21 points in Week 6 against the Bears and ten points in Week 8. Two of those teams (Panthers and Bears) ranked within the bottom ten of teams who have allowed the most fantasy points to opposing defenses. Now they get the Denver Broncos who have allowed the tenth most fantasy points to opposing defenses. We’re hoping for another one of those ‘spike’ weeks again this week.

Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars - Owned in 5% of Yahoo and 3.7% of ESPN Leagues

The Titans have allowed no more than 24 points in six consecutive games. They have also allowed at most this season 27 points. The Jaguars have also allowed the eighth most fantasy points to opposing defenses this season. This is largely due to 17 turnovers they’ve committed in nine games on the season. Good enough for fifth most in the NFL. This Jaguars’ offense can score points, but they also turn the ball over at an alarming rate. Trevor Lawrence has also been sacked 24 times this far this season, putting him tied for seventh most in the NFL. It’s not an ideal play, but one with great upside, exactly what we look for out of the less than ten-percent owned suggestion.

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