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Nate's Mock Draft 3.0 - Full Seven Rounds

Round One

1. Cincinnati Bengals - Joe Burrow, QB, LSU - This is all but done. I can’t see a scenario where Joe Burrow isn’t sporting the orange and black next season. The team has moved on from Andy Dalton and it is clear what their future plans are, and those plans include Burrow. Burrow is fresh off of one of the greatest, if not the greatest, college football season by a quarterback in history. From Ohio State transfer to National Champion and Heisman winner. He did it all last season with the Tigers. Now he'll get the chance to be the face of the Ohio based franchise. I’ve been critical about Burrow during the process and my stance on him has not changed. However, he is still the safest quarterback to take with the first overall pick.

Previous Pick: Joe Burrow, QB, LSU

2. Washington - Chase Young, EDGE, Ohio State - The best player in the draft goes second overall. Chase Young is a very special player and is the type of player that can take a bad defense and make them good by himself. Washington, led by defensive mastermind Ron Rivera, will be salivating over Young for several years to come. Last season the 49ers took Young’s former teammate, Nick Bosa, second overall. We saw what Bosa did with the Niners, helping them to the Superbowl in his rookie season. Now imagine a better player than Bosa. That’s what you’re getting from Young, and that’s coming from a 49ers’ fan.

Previous Pick: Chase Young, EDGE, Ohio State

3. Detroit Lions - Jeffrey Okudah, CB, Ohio State - This selection has become even more clear since my Mock Draft 2.0. The Lions have since traded Pro Bowl corner Darrius Slay to the Philadelphia Eagles, freeing up a massive need in the secondary. It’s unclear how good Okudah will be or if he can be a player of Slay’s level, but if there is a corner prospect in this draft that can do so, it’s him. If I’m a betting man, I’m saying that Okudah exceeds what Slay has done. Dare I say it, this is the next Jalen Ramsey.

Previous Pick: Jeffrey Okudah, CB, Ohio State

4. New York Giants - Isaiah Simmons, LB, Clemson - There’s no changes thus far in this edition of my mock draft from my previous edition. Simmons is too good of a player for the Giants to pass up at four. Yes, they could very well go offensive tackle here, but you can find one of them later in the draft. You’re not going to find another Isaiah Simmons anywhere. The Giants’ team was lacking a lot last season, but a defensive playmaker who can take over games was one of the biggest holes. Simmons is as good as they get. He can play both linebacker and safety at the next level. His versatility is easily his best trait as he can be plugged anywhere on the defensive side of the ball. Simmons is in my books the second best player in this draft.

Previous Pick: Isaiah Simmons, LB, Clemson

5. Miami Dolphins - Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Alabama - As long as no one jumps the Dolphins via trade in the draft, Tagovailoa will be the next quarterback of the Miami Dolphins. Drafting Tua does come with some downfalls though. He still is recovering from a season ending hip injury and he may not be able to play during his rookie year. Recent reports suggest that he’ll be fine to play during the 2020 season, but even if he cannot, the Dolphins are a perfect landing spot for Tua to come to and sit a year. Let’s not forget that Jameis Winston and Cam Newton are still free agents with landing spots limited. Miami could be a place where one of them lands to hold over the position before Tua is healthy enough to take over. I’ve always been against Tua, but I’m starting to come around to the possibility of him having success in the NFL.

Previous Pick: Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Alabama

6. Los Angeles Chargers - Mekhi Becton, OT, Louisville - Here is the first change from my Mock Draft 2.0, although it’s not drastic. It’s been said that the Chargers will ride with Tyrod Taylor for the upcoming season. I still don’t see that. Although I don’t think they draft a quarterback at sixth overall, I think they’re a landing spot for either Jameis Winston or Cam Newton. Both players fit their system rather well. Now, whomever their stating quarterback may be, they need to sure up their offensive line. Even the best quarterback in the world would struggle behind the line the Chargers played with last season. They get their pick of the litter when it comes to offensive line prospects. Becton exploded up draft boards following his mind-blowing combine. I think it’s between him and Tristian Wirfs as the draft’s best prospect. I’ll give the edge to Becton at this point.

Previous Pick: Andrew Thomas, OT, Georgia

7. Carolina Panthers - Derrick Brown, DT, Auburn - We haven’t seen an inside defensive line prospect of Brown’s talent in a long time. Brown is as good as it gets and in a draft with such a top heavy emphasis on defensive talent, a top five talent in Brown falls to seven with the Panthers. His first step is as good as it gets. It helps that Gerald McCoy and Vernon Butler are free agents, making defensive tackle one of the team’s biggest needs. This pick is pretty much a no-brainer if Brown is available.

Previous Pick: Derrick Brown, DT, Auburn

8. Arizona Cardinals - Tristan Wirfs, OT, Iowa - I’ve been bouncing between receiver or tackle at this selection but with the Cardinals basically stealing DeAndre Hopkins from the Houston Texans, it’s become pretty clear. Kyler Murray was sacked the third most times of any quarterback in the NFL a year ago. It’s tough for any quarterback to progress and succeed when they’re under constant pressure, especially one entering just his second season in the league. Wirfs and Becton are T1 for the best offensive line prospects in the entire draft and with Becton already off the board, Wirfs is the pick here.

Previous Pick: Mehki Becton, OT, Louisville

9. Jacksonville Jaguars - Justin Herbert, QB, Oregon - Surprise. The Jaguars traded Nick Foles to the Chicago Bears and stated that they are content with starting sophomore Gardner Minshew. Don’t get me wrong, I like Minshew, as a back-up. He isn’t a starting quarterback in this league and the Jaguars don’t have the cap to go out and sign one of the top free agents at the position. With that being said, they have the opportunity to take one of the top quarterbacks in the draft. I’m not the biggest Herbert fan, but he does have the tools and size to compete at the next level. He has a cannon for an arm and makes the deep throws with the best of them. His short game is where we see inconsistencies with his accuracy. He also ran a 4.68 40-yard dash at the combine. Pair that with his 6-foot-6 and 240-pound build, that’s another element of his game that many are overlooking.

Previous Pick: Javon Kinlaw, DT, South Carolina

10. Cleveland Browns - Jedrick Willis Jr., OT, Alabama - Things are pretty straight forward. For the third straight mock draft, I project the Cleveland Browns to take an offensive tackle. Baker Mayfield was sacked 40 times a year ago, which placed him as the ninth most sacked quarterback in the league. They failed to address their offensive line a season ago and despite all of the flashing signings, that was the reason they couldn’t get going. Willis is one of the best four tackles in this draft, which is drastically front loaded at the position. They need to give Mayfield some protection and time if they want to succeed.

Previous Pick: Tristan Wirfs, OT, Iowa

11. New York Jets - Andrew Thomas, OT, Georgia - I keep debating if I want to project a receiver to New York since Jameison Crowder is the only player left for Sam Darnold to throw to. We have to remember this is also an Adam Gase team who will want to run the ball and win in the trenches. That's where Thomas comes into play. For some reason Thomas is dropping in draft boards and is being overlooked. He has the best feet of the offensive line prospects. He does get too high at times which is his biggest downfall. Honestly, I don’t think you can go wrong with either of the top four guys. Getting Thomas as the fourth tackle off the board is still a major win for a team. Jets’ quarterbacks were sacked for a combined 51 times last year, which was good enough for third most in the league. The Jets need to give Darnold more time before they can get him some more weapons.

Previous Pick: Jedrick Willis Jr., OT, Alabama

12. Las Vegas Raiders - Jordan Love, QB, Utah State - New city, new stadium and now it’s time for a new face of the franchise. Derek Carr has been serviceable during his time with the Raiders, but it’s time the team moves on from him, as they’ve been vocal about doing. They did bring in former Heisman winner Marcus Mariota but he was a train wreck in Tennessee. It’s time they buckle down and Jon Gruden gets his guy. Love is the next Patrick Mahomes. He has a cannon for an arm and makes the impossible happen. Don’t look into his 2019 college stats too much, as the vast majority of his supporting staff from his impressive 2018 season was gone, including a new system he had to learn to play it. This is a situation where he wouldn’t have to start from day one and can sit and learn. Plus, Gruden is a quarterback whisperer. If you know me, you know I’m all in on Love.

Previous Pick: Justin Herbert, QB, Oregon

13. San Francisco 49ers via Indianapolis Colts - Jerry Jeudy, WR, Alabama - Don’t be surprised if the 49ers remain themselves and draft the likes of Javon Kinlaw to replace DeForrest Buckner, who they used to acquire this pick. It makes sense that the 49ers seek a Buckner replacement after signing Arik Armstead long term and adding a top talent via the draft to get two for the price of what Buckner’s new deal with the Colts cost. However, on a different note, do the 49ers move one of the key players without targeting an offensive playmaker? This team is built on the defensive side of the ball but Kyle Shanahan knows he needs to add weapons to his offense for Jimmy Garappolo if this team is going to be successful. That's where Jeudy comes into play. His route running is some of the best we’ve seen out of college in a long time. Jeudy is going to be the most open of the big name receivers in this draft due to the non-physical skills he possesses. He’s perfect for that Shanahan system.

Previous Pick (by Indianapolis): Jordan Love, QB, Utah State

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - C.J. Henderson, CB, Florida - Henderson, to me, if one of the most underrated players in this draft. He kind of falls down boards and is overlooked due to what Jeffery Okudah brings to the table. Henderson has 4.39 40-yard dash speed that comes in a length 6-foot-1 body. If it wasn’t for having Okudah in this draft, Henderson would be a lock in the top-ten. The Buccaneers have some major holes on the defensive side of the ball and if they want to make this team work with Tom Brady’s small window, they have to address their biggest weakness, their secondary.

Previous Pick: C.J. Henderson, CB, Florida

15. Denver Broncos - CeeDee Lamb, WR, Oklahoma - Lamb becomes the second receiver off the board of the “big three.” I previously talked about how Jeudy would be the receiver who would get open the most of the bunch, but Lamb is the one who will make the most contested catches and can go up with the best of them. The Broncos seem to be content with finding their new quarterback in last year’s draft with Drew Lock. Now they have a chance to create one of the league’s best receiving corps by adding Lamb to Courtland Sutton and tight-end Noah Fant. This will make any quarterback happy, especially one with just five starts under his belt.

Previous Pick: Jerry Jeudy, WR, Alabama

16. Atlanta Falcons - K’Lavon Chaisson, EDGE, LSU - The more I look into Chaisson and watch him play, the more I’m willing to move him up the board. I know he’s raw and has already missed a season with a torn ACL, but that’s part of his appeal in my book. This dude is simply a baller and he’s showing that his football IQ is through the roof with what he’s been able to do in the SEC with such limited experience. He’s 6-foot-4 and 250 pounds and is a pure athlete. He’s long, agile and has the moves to be an elite pass rusher at the next level. The Falcons had pretty much a non-existent pass rush a year ago and adding a talent such as Chaisson this late in the draft would be determined a steal.

Previous Pick: A.J. Epenesa, DE, Iowa

17. Dallas Cowboys - Xavier McKinney, S, Alabama - For some reason, I keep projecting a safety to the Cowboys. It is a big hole in their defense and something they need to address. They get their choice of the litter at pick 17, which is McKinney. In my previous two mock drafts I projected Grant Delpit out of LSU here but since, I’ve faded Delpit a bit. McKinney is the definition of a ballhawk and makes plays that very few prospects in this draft can do. The Cowboys are lacking something with their defense and that something is McKinney.

Previous Pick: Grant Delpit, S, LSU

18. Miami Dolphins via Pittsburgh Steelers - Josh Jones, OT, Houston - The Dolphins grabbed their new franchise quarterback with the fifth overall pick with Tua Tagovailoa. Now they’ll have to invest to keep him protected. Tua is coming off of a season ending hip injury and is left handed as well, making a need for a competent offensive line that much more. Josh Jones is the prospect that isn’t being talked about enough. I think he’s not far off of the big four tackles in this draft. The Dolphins would be more than happy to snag Jones with their second of three first round picks.

Previous Pick: Austin Jackson, OT, USC

19. Oakland Raiders via Chicago Bears - Henry Ruggs III, WR, Alabama - After snagging their new face of the franchise in Jordan Love, the Raiders will do what the Raiders are known for, and taking the speedy wide receiver. To be fair however, Ruggs is not your Darrius Heyward-Bay of the past. He comes with world-class speed and the ability to do anything and everything with the football in his hands. In today’s game, you need a player like Ruggs. Ruggs just happens to be an elite version of the speedy player teams are trying to implement into their offense. Ruggs in the black and silver just makes a lot of sense.

Previous Pick: Kenneth Murray, CB, LSU

20. Jacksonville Jaguars via Los Angeles Rams - Javon Kinlaw, DT, South Carolina - Steal alert. The Jaguars are getting a potential top ten talent with the 20th pick in the draft. Kinlaw is a specimen of a man. An athletic freak. If you were to make today’s NFL defensive tackle in a lab, you’re getting Kinlaw. He’s versatile in terms of being able to play in the middle and the outside of the defensive line. The Jaguars are a team that loves defensive versatility so Kinlaw will fit right at home. The team has taken a hard fall since it’s AFC Championship appearance a few years ago, but with adding a piece of Kinlaw to their already talented defense, they’ll be trending in the right direction for the first time in a long time.

Previous Pick: Kristian Fulton, CB, LSU

21. Philadelphia Eagles - Justin Jefferson, WR, LSU - There’s no question that the Eagles are in the market for a receiver. What sets Jefferson apart from the rest of the group is how good he is in the running game. He’s not the most pure run blocker but he has the willingness and know-how to be an influential part of any team’s running game. That is important with the Eagles use of their running back options and their role in the offense. He also has some of the best hands of this elite group of receivers. You won’t see this guy drop too many balls. He’s also pretty good at running routes. This all comes in a 6-foot-3 frame. I’m all in.

Previous Pick: CeeDee Lamb, WR, Oklahoma

22. Minnesota Vikings via Buffalo Bills - Kristian Fulton, CB, LSU - I’m a big fan of Fulton, especially as the third best corner in this draft. He has 4.46 40-yard speed and was very impressive in the three-cone-drill at the combine. He isn’t the best in terms of tackling or tracking the ball but has elite athleticism allows him to recover quickly. The other traits can be taught or learned, but athleticism and reactions can’t. He’s a bit raw but can turn into a great everyday corner in the NFL. The Vikings need to sure up their secondary, especially with the cutting of Xavier Rhodes, and Fulton is a great piece to do that.

Previous Pick (by Bills): K'Lavon Chassion

23. New England Patriots - Patrick Queen, LB, LSU - Patrick Queen ran a 4.5 40-yard dash, which was the same as Oklahoma’s CeeDee Lamb and Arizona State’s Brandon Aiyuk. He’s best as a weak side linebacker and does it all. He stops the run, he can rush the passer and drop back into coverage. He has the sideline-to-sideline speed you want out of an inside linebacker in today’s game. The Patriots are a team that always has the cream of the crop when it comes to linebackers. It makes sense that they get their next defensive cornerstone via the draft at 23.

Previous Pick: Henry Ruggs III, WR, Alabama

24. New Orleans Saints - Trevon Diggs, CB, Alabama - The brother of receiver Stefon Diggs lands in the big easy, where he’ll play opposite Marshon Lattimore. The Saints brought in Emmanuel Sanders so they don’t need to go receiver here, which I projected them to do in my previous two editions of my mock draft. Instead, they fill one of their biggest weaknesses and that’s a corner opposite Lattimore. Diggs has elite height and length to run with the best of them at the next level. This would be a scary duo for opposing teams to face.

Previous Pick: Justin Jefferson, WR, LSU

25. Minnesota Vikings - Tee Higgins, WR, Clemson - The Vikings recently traded Stefon Diggs to the Buffalo Bills. This frees up a spot on the roster that they have the chance to fill via the draft. What a draft to do it in as well with as deep of the position is. Higgins is a jump ball expert. The 6-foot-4 Clemson product is being compared to Alshon Jeffrey. What better for the Vikings than to line up a jump ball and red zone threat opposite Adam Thielen?

Previous Pick: Trevon Diggs, CB, Alabama

26. Miami Dolphins via Houston Texans - Antoine Winfield Jr., S, Minnesota - Winfield is one of my favorite players in this entire draft and he’s quickly rising the draft boards, as I have him leap-frogging Grant Delpit as the second safety off the board. He’s a true ballhawk. He tracks the ball excellently and isn’t afraid to lower his shoulder. He plays a lot bigger than his 5-foot-10 frame suggests. If you want an example of how Winfield play, just take a look at his father’s 14-year NFL career. The Dolphins are getting one heck of a player with their third first-round pick and they should be excited about this one.

Previous Pick: Yetur Gross-Matos, EDGE, Penn State

27. Seattle Seahawks - A.J. Epenesa, DE, Iowa - What a steal the Seahawks would be getting here. Many are fading Epenesa because he is more of your traditional hand-in-the-ground type edge rusher. The Seahawks won’t mind however as they’re getting an elite talent this late in the draft. Epensea is long enough and has the strength, he just isn’t extremely quick and isn’t too explosive. He’s best at coming directly at the line opposed to attempting to go around. The Seahawks have a need for pass rushers and Epenesa fits the bill.

Previous Pick: Neville Gallimore, DT, Oklahoma

28. Baltimore Ravens - Kenneth Murray, LB, Oklahoma - Kenneth Murray is the sideline-to-sideline linebacker that the Baltimore Ravens have been lacking. He comes with a high motor and plays every play like it’s the last. He also does very well in dropping back in coverage. As a team that lacks inside linebackers, Murray is a very quality add. Murray will likely play on the weak side in the NFL but has the tools to play at a high level.

Previous Pick: Patrick Queen, LB, LSU

29. Tennessee Titans - Yetur Gross-Matos, EDGE, Penn State - Yetur Gross-Matos definitely looks the part of an NFL edge rusher. He’s still a bit raw but has the size and measurables to be a presence on the outside. At 6-foot-5 and 264 pounds, the Penn State product has the length to get the job done. The problem I see with him is his football IQ. He fails to process the play as it develops. However, his size and athleticism will make up for that. The Titans are desperately in need of an edge rusher.

Previous Pick: Terrell Lewis, EDGE, Alabama

30. Green Bay Packers - Brandon Aiyuk, WR, Arizona State - For the love of god, can the Packers please get Aaron Rodgers some weapons? It was evident when Devante Adams missed time a year ago that beyond him, the Packers receiving corps is pretty much non-existent. Now, take one of the league’s best backs in Aaron Jones, Adams and pair them with Aiyuk. When it comes to yards-after-the-catch, Aiyuk is arguably the best in the draft. However, he needs to work on his consistency in catching the football.

Previous Pick: Tee Higgins, WR, Clemson

31. San Francisco 49ers - Jeff Gladney, CB, TCU - Gladney is another player I have climbing the draft boards. His length isn’t ideal but his reaction athleticism among prospects is the best in the draft. He plays man extremely well. He has sub 4.5 40-yard-dash speed and has over a three foot vertical. Also, unlike some of the corners taken above him, he’s a very good and willing tackler, even getting involved in stopping the run on a regular basis. He’s a pretty good match to learn from Richard Sherman. I also mocked the 49ers to take safety in my previous two mock drafts, but they re-signed Jimmie Ward.

Previous Pick: Xavier McKinney, S, Alabama

32. Kansas City Chiefs - A.J. Terrell, CB, Clemson - Terrell is a player I feel like is being overlooked. He keeps getting tagged as a second round player. He has the athletic ability and footwork to be a valuable corner at the NFL level. What he lacks is consistent tackling and he likes to get a bit handsy with the receivers. What I like most about him is his ability to see the play develop and make a decision in the snap of a finger to disrupt the play. He’s a great way for the Chiefs to round out the first round and address a position of need.

Previous Pick: Jonathan Taylor, RB, Wisconsin


Round Two

33. Cincinnati Bengals - Zack Baun, LB/EDGE, Wisconsin - You can’t teach the type of football IQ and recognition that Baun brings to the table. Not only is he great in seeing to the play before it develops, but he has one of the best first steps in the draft. He’s quick off the ball, which makes up for his lack of length as he stands just 6-foot-3.


34. Indianapolis Colts via Washington - Denzel Mims, WR, Baylor - The Colts signed Phillip Rivers, now they need to get him some weapons. Mims has great size at 6-foot-3 and has a pretty much unlimited catch radius.


35. Detroit Lions - DeAndre Swift, RB, Georgia - The Lions take the draft’s best runningback to further develop it’s running game. It’s hard to keep one going when your starter (Kerryon Johnson) has missed 14 games over his first two seasons.


36. New York Giants - Terrell Lewis, EDGE, Alabama - Lewis has first round measurables and talent but a later round technique due to inexperience. He’s super long and has a lot more boom than bust in his game.

37. Los Angeles Chargers - Austin Jackson, OT, USC - Chargers double down on their offensive line after having one of the worst a year ago. I think Jackson has first round talent, so adding Mehki Becton and Jackson is a move in the right direction.


38. Carolina Panthers - Bryce Hall, CB, Virginia - We don’t know what defense we’ll see in Carolina but we know that zone coverage is the way of the league. Luckily for the Panthers, Hall is one of the best in this draft in playing zone with his ball skills.


39. Miami Dolphins - Jonathan Taylor, RB, Wisconsin - Jordan Howard is pretty much the only back on the Dolphins’ roster. They’ll opt for the draft’s purest runner. Taylor’s downfalls include fumbling and his college workload however.


40. Houston Texans via Arizona Cardinals - Laviska Shenault Jr., WR, Colorado - The Texans use the pick they acquired for DeAndre Hopkins to get his replacement in Shenault. A physical specimen. Strong and quick, he’ll do just fine with Dashaun Watson.

41. Cleveland Browns - Grant Delpit, S, LSU - Delpit has fallen a bit but that doesn’t take anything from his ability to be a day one starter in the NFL. His lack of tackling is what is making him fall.


42. Jacksonville Jaguars - Noah Igbinoghene, CB, Auburn - The Jaguars traded Jalen Ramsey a season ago and will need to find a replacement. He’s no Ramsey but he comes with elite athleticism.


43. Chicago Bears via Las Vegas Raiders - Lloyd Cushberry III, C, LSU - The Bears draft the draft’s best center and arguably inside offensive lineman. The Bears can move Cody Whitehair to his more natural guard position. Cushberry brings an unmatched sense of athleticism to the position.


44. Indianapolis Colts - Neville Gallimore, DT, Oklahoma - The Colts spent a lot of money in extending DeForrest Buckner upon acquiring him from the 49ers. Now they’ll have to get savvy to upgrade and afford their defensive line. Gallimore is more of your traditional, plug the middle and stop the run type of defensive tackle.

45. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Curtis Weaver, EDGE, Boise State - The Bucs’ need to keep plugging away at their defensive weaknesses and edge rusher sure is one of them. Weaver doesn’t have ideal length but is the Mountain West’s all-time sack leader.


46. Denver Broncos - Ezra Cleveland, OT, Boise State - Now that the Broncos have their quarterback and also brought in Melvin Gordon, they need to address it’s god awful offensive line. If Cleveland can better his fundamentals at the next level, the Broncos are getting a steal.


47. Atlanta Falcons - Julian Okwara, EDGE, Notre Dame - The Falcons double-down on edge rushers as that was their biggest glaring weakness a season ago. Their pass rush was pretty much non-existent.


48. New York Jets - Jalen Reagor, WR, TCU - The Jets are desperate for pass catchers, especially with going offensive line in the first round. Reagor brings blazing speed and a deep ball threat that the Jets currently lack.

49. Pittsburgh Steelers - Jacob Eason, QB, Washington - It feels like every off-season is the end for Ben Roethlisberger. It’s coming sooner than later and the Steelers can’t be caught with their pants down. Eason brings elite arm strength with him.


50. Chicago Bears - Jaylon Johnson, CB, Utah - The once daunting Bears’ defense regressed a year ago and part of that had to do with their secondary. Johnson is very good at matching what the opposing receivers are doing, that type of skill can’t be taught.


51. Dallas Cowboys - Cameron Dantzler, CB, Mississippi State - The Cowboys continue to strengthen their secondary after taking a safety in the first round. Dantzler brings a lot of length to the position.


52. Los Angeles Rams - J.K. Dobbins, RB, Ohio State - The Rams recently cut former all-pro back Todd Gurley. Their offense is reliant on a successful run game and I’m not convinced Darrell Henderson or Malcolm Brown are the answers.

53. Philadelphia Eagles - Ashtyn Davis, S, California - The Eagles filled their biggest needs in drafting a receiver in the first round and trading for Darrius Slay. Now they’ll look to improve their very porous secondary with taking Davis out of Cal.


54. Buffalo Bills - Josh Uche, EDGE, Michigan - The Bills too were able to get their number-one receiver in trading their first round pick for Stefon Diggs. Now they’ll look to fill their biggest defensive hole with their first pick of the draft.


55. Baltimore Ravens via New England Patriots - Jonathan Greenard, EDGE, Florida - Greenard is one of the best edge rushers in this draft who can get it done on the inside. The Ravens’ offense is just fine, now they’ll look to improve the defense.


56. Miami Dolphins via New Orleans Saints - Michael Pittman Jr., WR, USC - The Dolphins continue their revamp via the draft with taking the best available receiver. Pittman is physical and has some of the best hands in the entire draft. Perfect for a rookie quarterback.

57. Houston Texans - Prince Tega Wanogho, OT, Auburn - The Texans used their first of two second rounders to replace DeAndre Hopkins. Now they’ll invest in the offensive line that allowed Deshaun Watson to be sacked a league worst 55 times.


58. Minnesota Vikings - Isaiah Wilson, OT, Georgia - The Vikings are having a good draft thus far in this mock and bolstering their weak offensive line makes it better. Wilson comes with a lot of length that he knows how to use and turns it into power.


59. Seattle Seahawks - Netane Muti, OG, Fresno State - This seems to be a constant off-season story. The Seahawks need offensive line help. Wilson was sacked 54 times last year, one less than the league leader Deshaun Watson.


60. Baltimore Ravens - Tyler Biadasz, OG, Wisconsin - When you have a quarterback like Lamar Jackson, you need to keep your offensive line strong and healthy. Biadasz is arguably the best inside offensive line prospect when it comes to blocking.

61. Tennessee Titans - Cole Kmet, TE, Notre Dame - The first tight-end is off the board coes late in the second round. I know the Titans already have Jonnu Smith but what’s wrong with a second option? They spent a boatload of money in keeping Ryan Tannehill so they need to give the man weapons.


62. Green Bay Packers - Damon Arnette, CB, Ohio State - The Packers’ defense took a big stride last year but they need to continue to fill in the missing pieces. Jaire Alexander is a stud but the need to find someone to play opposite him. Arnette, who played opposite Jeffery Okudah, is that guy.


63. Kansas City Chiefs via San Francisco 49ers - Cam Akers, RB, Florida State - You know what’s scary about the Chiefs? Their offense is even better with a solid running game. Enter Cam Akers, who is the best pass catching back of the draft.


64. Seattle Seahawks via Kansas City Chiefs - Ross Blacklock, DT, TCU - The Seahawks’ defensive line is a mess due to free agency and it obviously lacks depth. With money spent elsewhere on the team they’ll target an interior presence via the draft.


Round Three

65. Cincinnati Bengals - Cesar Ruiz, C, Michigan - The Bengals got their quarterback of the future, now they need to protect him. They had one of the worst offensive lines a year ago.


66. Washington - Lucas Niang, OT, TCU - Trent Williams has to be moved this off-season, which would free up a big hole on Washington’s line. They need to protect their young signal caller and Niang is the best available player at the position.


67. Detroit Lions - Robert Hunt, OG, Louisiana - Hunt is one of the most underrated players in this entire draft. He’s going to be a starting guard for a very very long time in this league. The Lions also went Swift in the second round, time to give him a line to follow.


68. New York Jets via New York Giants - Jabari Zuniga, EDGE, Florida - Zuniga is a very raw prospect but has the measurables to get it done at the next level. He’s shown flashes during his time at Florida, now it’s just time to get those flashes to be more of the norm.


69. Carolina Panthers - Jalen Hurts, QB, Oklahoma - I think Hurts can become a starting quarterback in the NFL. He’ll be drafted as Teddy Bridgewater’s back-up but Bridgewater’s past injuries have to be a concern. Get a guy that can be one of the best back-ups in the league.


70. Miami Dolphins - Nick Harris, C, Washington - I’ve said it before, the Dolphins need to put together a strong offensive line if they are to draft Tua Tagovailoa. They already grabbed a tackle in this draft so getting an inside presence now is a must.


71. Los Angeles Chargers - Zack Moss, RB, Utah - The Chargers paid Austin Ekeler like a three-down-back but I’m not convinced yet. Moss is a great complimentary piece for the team.

72. Arizona Cardinals - Akeem Davis-Gaither, LB, Appalachian State - Davis-Gaither is one of the quickest off-the-ball defenders in this draft. The Cardinals’ biggest defensive need is inside linebacker.


73. Jacksonville Jaguars - K.J. Hamler, WR, Penn State - Hamler claims to have 4.27 speed but didn’t run at the combine due to a tweaked hamstring. The Jaguars can use his talents after adding deep-ball specialist Justin Herbert.


74. Cleveland Browns - Marlos Davidson, DT, Auburn - The Browns need help across the board but after bolstering their offensive line and adding secondary help, they add an anchor to the middle of the defensive line.


75. Indianapolis Colts - Bryan Edwards, WR, South Carolina - The Colts’ receiving corps outside of TY Hilton is one of the worst in the league. Edwards is very physical and will do well playing opposite Hilton.


76. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Clyde Edwards-Helaire, RB, LSU - Ronald Jones II showed some flashes of competence last season, but he still isn’t the back the Bucs thought they were getting when they drafted him. Edwards-Helaire is one of the most exciting players in the entire draft.


77. Denver Broncos - Troy Pride Jr., CB, Notre Dame - Remember when not so long ago the Broncos defense was helping them compete for championships? It’s been a hard fall since and one of the biggest reasons for that is their secondary. Pride has some of the best feet of secondary prospects in this draft.

78. Atlanta Falcons - Jonah Jackson, OG, Ohio State - This is a little earlier than most project Jackson but his pass blocking is elite. Matt Ryan was sacked 48 times a year ago, good enough for third most in the league.


79. New York Jets - Solomon Kindley, OG, Georgia - Kindley has some of the best hands in this draft. He’s described as a “boxer” in the middle. I have the Jets taking Andrew Thomas in the first round so reuniting college teammates to build their offense line could be beneficial.


80. Las Vegas Raiders - Alex Taylor, OT, South Carolina State - Taylor is a freak. He’s 6-foot-9 and uses that length to his advantage. He’s a bit raw and played at a small school. If the Raiders can get the most out of his size, they’d hit one out of the park here.


81. Las Vegas Raiders via Chicago Bears - Troy Dye, LB, Oregon - The Raiders need to find their quarterback of their defense. Dye has unlimited range and plays the entire field.


82. Dallas Cowboys - Bryce Hopkins, TE, Purdue - Jason Witten is off to the Oakland Raiders. The Cowboys need to find a replacement. Hopkins is a very excellent route runner. On the other side, you’re not drafting this guy to run block.


83. Denver Broncos via Pittsburgh Steelers - Matt Hennessy, C, Temple - The Broncos had one of the worst offensive lines in football last year. Hennessy’s technique is excellent. He needs to add on some muscle and he’ll be an outstanding player in the NFL.

84. Los Angeles Rams - Kyle Dugger, S, Lenoir-Rhyne - Raw. That’s the best way to describe Dugger. He comes from a very small program but has the physical traits to do it in the NFL. Eric Weedle also retired, freeing up a spot in the Rams’ defense.


85. Detroit Lions via Philadelphia Eagles - Jordan Elliott, DT, Missouri - The Lions, mainly head coach Matt Patricia, need an upgrade in the middle of the defensive line. Patricia’s defenses tend to feature a solid interior presence.


86. Buffalo Bills - Matt Peart, OT, Connecticut - The Bills have a quarterback that likes to extend the play with his legs. They need to improve the offense line to keep the pressure off of Josh Allen.


87. New England Patriots - Damien Lewis, OG, LSU - This is a Patriots’ move. They love to snag the best available offensive line talent when they can. That just so happens to be National Champion Damien Lewis.


88. New Orleans Saints - Jauan Jennings, WR, Tennessee - Jennings is an interesting player. He’s a utility type who can play any skill position, including some quarterback, on offense. The Saints made it work with Tyson Hill, so why not Jauan Jennings?


89. Minnesota Vikings - Jack Driscoll, OT, Auburn - The Vikings continue to improve their dreadful offensive line late in the third round. Driscoll comes with fantastic hand technique.

90. Houston Texans - Ben Bartch, OT, St. John’s (MN) - I’ll say it again. Deshaun Watson was the most sacked quarterback a year ago. The Texans need to spend multiple early picks to improve their line.


91. Las Vegas Raiders via Seattle Seahawks - Justin Madubuike, DT, Missouri - The Raiders had one of the worst pass rushes a year ago. That starts with the guys in the middle who can eat up blockers. Madubuike fits that mold.


92. Baltimore Ravens - Antonio Golden-Gandy, WR, Liberty - What better type of receiver to give Lamar Jackson than the 6-foot-4 Golden Gandy with an unlimited catch radius.


93. Tennessee Titans - Raekwon Davis, DT, Alabama - If you look at a photo of Davis, you’ll see an NFL defensive tackle. He’s 6-foot-7, 312 pounds and comes with all of the length and strength you could dream off. He doesn’t rush the passer, which is his biggest downfall.


94. Green Bay Packers - Albert Okwuegbunam, TE, Missouri - Aaron Rodgers has not had a reliable tight-end in as long as I can remember. So why not give him the draft’s most slept on prospect? He’s straight out of tight-end university and has sub 4.5 40-speed.


95. Denver Broncos via San Francisco 49ers - Willie Gray Jr., LB, Mississippi State - The Broncos used a lot of draft capital on the offensive side of the ball so they'll go to the defensive side where they get the best linebacker available.


96. Kansas City Chiefs - Trey Adams, OT, Washington - The Chiefs will likely retain their starting offensive line from a year ago, but that wasn’t anything special. They also lack depth across the board.

97. Cleveland Browns via Houston Texans - Darrell Taylor, EDGE, Tennessee - The Browns have already added a safety and defensive tackle in this draft, so the next step would be to get a pass rusher. Taylor has a great initial burst.


98. New England Patriots - Adam Tratuman, TE, Dayton - Trautman is a tight-end convert but still managed to become Dayton’s all-time leading receiver. The Patriots’ current best tight end is Matt LaCosse. That’s not going to cut it.


99. New York Giants - Tyler Johnson, WR, Minnesota - Here’s a steal for you. Johnson is a highly talked about prospect. He lacks the ideal speed you want from a receiver but can catch contested passes with the best of them.


100. New England Patriots - Charlie Heck, OT, North Carolina - Again, this is a typical Patriots’ move. Add some quality offensive line depth in the third round.


101. Seattle Seahawks - Logan Sternberg, C/OG, Kentucky - Russell Wilson was sacked 54 times last year, the second most in the league. Sternberg can play center and offensive guard at the next level, great for a team that has many holes on the offensive line.


102. Pittsburgh Steelers - Ben Bredeson, OG, Michigan - The Steelers have an aging offensive line and could use some depth. Bredeson doesn’t have the ideal length but has a ton of power.

103. Philadelphia Eagles - Lamar Jackson, CB, Nebraska - No, not that Lamar Jackson. The Eagles did trade for Darrius Slay but they still lack quality and depth in their secondary. Jackson brings a lot of length with him.


104. Los Angeles Rams - Hakeem Adeniji, OT, Kansas - I’m a big Adeniji fan. You can’t teach length, which he possesses. His footwork is raw at this point, but that can be taught.


105. Minnesota Vikings - Rashard Lawrence, DT, LSU - A high motor. That’s Lawrences’ best trait. What he lacks in length he makes up for in his toughness. You can’t teach that competitiveness he brings with him.


106. Baltimore Ravens - Eno Benjamin, RB, Arizona State - Mark Ingram is 30-years-old, which is ancient for a NFL running back. I’m not sold on Justice Hill just yet but do like Benjamin. Benjamin’s body control is elite.


Round Four

107. Cincinnati Bengals - Hunter Bryant, TE, Washington

108. Washington - John Simpson, OG, Clemson

109. Detroit Lions - Chase Claypool, WR, Notre Dame

110. New York Giants - Logan Wilson , LB, Wyoming

111. Houston Texans via Miami Dolphins - Khalid Kareem, EDGE, Notre Dame

112. Los Angeles Chargers - Davon Hamilton, DT, Ohio State

113. Carolina Panthers - K.J. Hill, WR, Ohio State

114. Arizona Cardinals - Alton Robinson, EDGE, Syracuse

115. Cleveland Browns - Shane Lemieux, OG, Oregon

116. Jacksonville Jaguars - Saahdiq Charles, OT, LSU

117. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Calvin Throckmorton, OT, Oregon

118. Denver Broncos - Alex Highsmith, EDGE, Charlotte

119. Atlanta Falcons - Jeremy Chinn, S, Southern Illinois

120. New York Jets - Ke'Shawn Vaughn, RB, Vanderbilt

121. Miami Dolphins - Jonathan Garvin, EDGE, Miami

122. Indianapolis Colts - Harrison Bryant, TE, FAU

123. Dallas Cowboys - James Lynch, DT, Baylor

124. Pittsburgh Steelers - Anfernee Jennings, EDGE, Alabama

125. New England Patriots via Chicago Bears - Jake Fromm, QB, Georgia

126. Los Angeles Rams - Malik Harrison, LB, Ohio State

127. Philadelphia Eagles - Devin Duvernay, WR, Texas

128. Buffalo Bills - Anthony McFarland Jr., RB, Maryland

129. Baltimore Ravens via New England Patriots - Jason Strowbridge, DT, North Carolina

130. New Orleans Saints - Anthony Gordon, QB, Washington State

131. Arizona Cardinals via Houston Texans - Derrek Tuszka, EDGE, North Dakota State

132. Minnesota Vikings - Terrell Burgess, S, Utah

133. Seattle Seahawks - Cam Brown, LB, Penn State

134. Baltimore Ravens - Michael Ojemudia, CB, Iowa

135. Pittsburgh Steelers via Tennessee Titans - Raequan Williams, DT, Michigan State

136. Green Bay Packers - Leki Fotu, DT, Utah

137. Jacksonville Jaguars via San Francisco 49ers - Kenny Willekes, EDGE , Michigan State

138. Kansas City Chiefs - Jordyn Brooks, LB, Texas Tech

139. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Khalil Davis, DT, Nebraska

140. Jacksonville Jaguars via Chicago Bears - K'Von Wallace, S, Clemson

141. Miami Dolphins - Julian Blackmon, S, Utah

142. Washington - Jared Pickney, TE, Vanderbilt

143. Atlanta Falcons via Baltimore Ravens - A.J. Dillion, RB, Boston College

144. Seattle Seahawks - Jake Hanson, OT, Oregon

145. Philadelphia Eagles - Michael Divinity Jr., LB, LSU

146. Philadelphia Eagles - Darnay Holmes, CB, UCLA


Round Five

147. Cincinnati Bengals - Gabriel Davis, WR, UCF

148. Washington - Yasir Durant, OT, Missouri

149. Detroit Lions - Trevis Gibson, EDGE, Tulsa

150. New York Giants - J.R. Reed, S, Georgia

151. Los Angeles Chargers - Isaiah Hodgins, WR, Oregon State

152. Carolina Panthers - Essang Bassey, CB, Wake Forest

153. Miami Dolphins - Darryl Williams, OG, Mississippi State

154. Miami Dolphins via Jacksonville Jaguars - Kendall Coleman, EDGE, Syracuse

155. Minnesota Vikings via Cleveland Browns - Nick Coe, EDGE, Auburn

156. San Francisco 49ers via Denver Broncos - Larrell Murchison, DT, North Carolina State

157. Jacksonville Jaguars via Atlanta Falcons - Zach Shackelford, C, Texas

158. New York Jets - Javaris Davis, CB, Auburn

159. Las Vegas Raiders - Kindle Vildor, CB, Georgia Southern

160. Indianapolis Colts - David Woodward, LB, Utah State

161. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Geno Stone, S, Iowa

162. Seattle Seahawks via Pittsburgh Steelers - Trevon Hill, EDGE, Miami

163. Chicago Bears - Trystan Colon-Castillo, C, Missouri

164. Dallas Cowboys - Cordel Iwuagwu, OG, TCU

165. Jacksonville Jaguars via Los Angeles Rams - Thaddeus Young, TE, LSU

166. Detroit Lions via Philadelphia Eagles - Brandon Jones, S, Texas

167. Buffalo Bills - Collin Johnson, WR, Texas

168. Philadelphia Eagles via New England Patriots - Justin Herron, OT, Wake Forest

169. New Orleans Saints - Joe Baiche, LB, Michigan State

170. Baltimore Ravens via Minnesota Vikings - Sean Pollard, OT, Clemson

171. Houston Texans - McTelvin Agim, DT, Arkansas

172. Detroit Lions via Seattle Seahawks - Markus Bailey, LB, Purdue

173. Miami Dolphins via Baltimore Ravens - D.J. Wonnum, EDGE, South Carolina

174. Tennessee Titans - James Proche, WR, SMU

175. Green Bay Packers - Kamal Martin, LB, Minnesota

176. San Francisco 49ers - Colton McKivitz, OT, West Virginia

177. Kansas City Chiefs - Keith Ismael, C, San Diego State

178. Denver Broncos - Malcolm Roach, DT, Texas

179. Dallas Cowboys - Oluwole Betiku Jr., EDGE, Illinois


Round Six

180. Cincinnati Bengals - Robert Landers, DT, Ohio State

181. Denver Broncos via Washington - Dane Jackson, CB, Pittsburgh

182. Detroit Lions - Nevelle Clarke, CB, UCF

183. New York Giants - John Molchon, OG, Boise State

184. Carolina Panthers - Brian Cole II, S, Mississippi State

185. Miami Dolphins - Danny Pinter, OT, Ball State

186. Los Angeles Chargers - A.J. Green, CB, Oklahoma State

187. Cleveland Browns via Arizona Cardinals - John Hightower, WR, Boise State

188. Buffalo Bills via Cleveland Browns - Josiah Scott, CB, Michigan State

189. Jacksonville Jaguars - Josiah Coatney, DT, Ole Miss

190. Philadelphia Eagles via Atlanta Falcons - Cole McDonald, QB, Hawaii

191. New York Jets - Qaadir Sheppard, EDGE, Ole Miss

192. Green Bay Packers via Las Vegas Raiders - Lynn Bowden Jr., WR, Kentucky

193. Indianapolis Colts - Jake Luton, QB, Oregon State

194. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Kalija Lipscomb, WR, Vanderbilt

195. New England Patriots via Denver Broncos - Aaron Fuller, WR, Washington

196. Chicago Bears - Jordan Fuller, S, Ohio State

197. Indianapolis Colts via Dallas Cowboys - Tyler Clark, DT, Georgia

198. Pittsburgh Steelers - Joshua Kelley, RB, UCLA

199. Los Angeles Rams - Tipa Galaei, EDGE, Utah State

200. Chicago Bears via Philadelphia Eagles - Quez Watkins, WR, Southern Mississippi

201. Minnesota Vikings via Buffalo Bills - John Reid, CB, Penn State

202. Arizona Cardinals via New England Patriots - Jacob Breeland, TE, Oregon

203. New Orleans Saints - Simon Stepaniak, OG, Indiana

204. New England Patriots via Houston Texans - Chauncey Rivers, EDGE, Mississippi State

205. Minnesota Vikings - Omar Bayless, WR, Arkansas State

206. Jacksonville Jaguars via Seattle Seahawks - Lavert Hill, CB, Michigan

207. Buffalo Bills via Baltimore Ravens - James Smith-Williams, EDGE, North Carolina State

208. Green Bay Packers via Tennessee Titans - Lamical Perine, RB, Florida

209. Green Bay Packers - Terence Steele, OT, Texas Tech

210. San Francisco 49ers - Kamal Martin, LB, Minnesota

211. New York Jets via Kansas City Chiefs - Quintez Cephus, WR, Wisconsin

212. New England Patriots - Reggie Robinson II, CB, Tulsa

213. New England Patriots - Kendrick Rogers, WR, Texas A&M

214. Seattle Seahawks - Darrell Stewart Jr., WR, Michigan State


Round Seven

215. Cincinnati Bengals - LaDarius Hamilton, EDGE, North Texas

216. Washington - Delontae Scott, EDGE, SMU

217. San Francisco 49ers via Detroit Lions - Myles Dorn, S, North Carolina

218. New York Giants - Harrison Hand, CB, Temple

219. Minnesota Vikings via Miami Dolphins - Justin Strand, LB, Wake Forest

220. Los Angeles Chargers - Evan Weaver, LB, California

221. Carolina Panthers - Devin Asiasi, TE, UCLA

222. Arizona Cardinals - Quartney Davis, WR, Texas A&M

223. Jacksonville Jaguars - Tyre Phillips, OT, Mississippi State

224. Tennessee Titans via Cleveland Browns - Cameron Clark, OT, Charlotte

225. Baltimore Ravens via New York Jets - Colby Parkinson, TE, Stanford

226. Chicago Bears via Las Vegas Raiders - Christian Rector, EDGE, USC

227. Miami Dolphins via Indianapolis Colts - Isaiah Coulter, WR, Rhode Island

228. Atlanta Falcons via Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Benito Jones, DT, Ole Miss

229. Washington via Denver Broncos - Javon Leake, RB, Maryland

230. New England Patriots via Atlanta Falcons - Thakarius Keyes, CB, Tulane

231. Dallas Cowboys - Binjimen Victor, WR, Ohio State

232. Pittsburgh Steelers - Kyle Murphy, OT, Rhode Island

233. Chicago Bears - James Morgan, QB, FIU

234. Los Angeles Rams - Dustin Woodward, OG, Memphis

235. New England Patriots via Philadelphia Eagles - Stephen Sullivan, TE, LSU

236. Green Bay Packers via Buffalo Bills - Cohl Cabral, C, Arizona State

237. Denver Broncos via New England Patriots - Juwan Johnson, WR, Oregon

238. New York Giants via New Orleans Saints - Bryce Sterk, EDGE, Montana State

239. Buffalo Bills via Minnesota Vikings - Ahmad Wagner, TE, Kentucky

240. Houston Texans - Steven Gonzalez, OG, Penn State

241. New England Patriots via Seattle Seahawks - Robert Windsor, DT, Penn State

242. Green Bay Packers via Baltimore Ravens - Jonah Williams, EDGE, Weber State

243. Tennessee Titans - Stanford Samuels III, CB, Florida State

244. Cleveland Browns via Green Bay Packers - Carter Coughlin, LB, Minnesota

245. San Francisco 49ers - Gage Cervenka, C, Clemson

246. Miami Dolphins via Kansas City Chiefs - Darrynton Evans, RB, Appalachian State

247. New York Giants - Sean McKeon, TE, Michigan

248. Houston Texans - Mitchell Wilcox, TE, South Florida

249. Minnesota Vikings - Donnell Stanley, OG, South Carolina

250. Houston Texans - Brian Lewerke, QB, Michigan State

251. Miami Dolphins via Kansas City Chiefs - Luq Barcoo, CB, San Diego State

252. Denver Broncos - Jordan Mack, LB, Virginia

253. Minnesota Vikings - Jake Luton, RB, Oregon State

254. Denver Broncos - Shyheim Carter, S, Alabama

255. New York Giants - Bryce Perkins, QB, Virginia


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