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Mahomes is OUT For Now

Unfortunately, Patrick Mahomes suffered a knee dislocation against the Broncos Thursday on Thursday Night Football. Matt Moore played competent though, he got the ball to the receivers and was able to score. Mahomes is currently expected to miss three weeks, although this could change, currently it’s a three-week time frame.

Matt Moore becomes interesting in 2QB/Super Flex leagues. Andy Reid had Alex Smith look like an MVP candidate. I expect with a little longer week he can get Matt Moore ready to play competent. When waivers role around next week, Moore becomes the number one pick up in any 2QB format.

There are tough match-ups ahead though; Green Bay, Minnesota, but then Tennessee with a more so hit-or-miss secondary. Tyreek Hill is a speedy one touch man, he won’t be a big WR1, but he’s still a mid-range WR2 with upside when you start him weekly. The rest of the Chiefs' receivers aren’t really must starts; they drop to the WR3/4 range. Kelce becomes a mid-range TE1 by default because the position is volatile. Back ups tend to lean on the tight end, and I expect Andy Reid to readjust to the strengths of Matt Moore.

The biggest take away from this injury; the buy window is open for Hill and Kelce. Hill owners have been missing him since Week 1 and finally got two weeks out of him, so there is a very good chance they need help now. Don’t be afraid to take a peak and check his price. Kelce is worth buying too if you need a tight end. If you own any of the following you DO NOT need to trade for Kelce: Waller, Andrews, Engram, Hooper, Henry, Ertz and Kittle. If, however, you are stuck in the mud with Jimmy Graham, you should be chirping in the Kelce owners’ ear immediately.

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