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Locks and Keys: Rapid Recap

Well, we've finally got a winning week on the books, going 2-1 in the Sunday games, which brings me to 9-9-1 on the season. Can't wait to see what next week brings to finally see me creep closer to my 60% wins goal. But first, let's take a look at how my picks fared last week.

PREDICTION: Giants +6 @ Bucs (Win) This line actually worked it's way down to +5 by game time, so that's what I got it at. I predicted an outright win on the road for the G-Men because I thought they'd rally around the kid and play their most inspired ball yet this year. They did. And they did it without Barkley for much of the game. Not sure if I would have expected that. But I'll take the win. Prediction: Falcons +1 @ Colts (Loss) I really thought Atlanta had too much firepower for the Colts to handle. There's no excuse for this Falcons team to have such a pedestrian offense with so many play-makers on that side of the ball. This one had the early looks of an absolute blowout loss. They did get their feet under them and rally back to make it a close game, but ultimately coming up short 24-21. I've lost twice on Atlanta in 3 weeks. Starting to understand why people call them the dirty birds.

Prediction: OVER 45.5 Lions @ Eagles (Win) This line ended up at 45 even. Just seemed odd from the start. Two prolific passing offenses and suspect defenses usually equate to an over/under in the high 40s to low 50s. This one almost felt too easy. The two teams put up 51 combined to cover pretty comfortably.

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