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Locks and Keys: Rapid Recap

A so-so result from last week's picks, thanks to my bonus prediction, I managed to end the week with a 3-3 record, bringing my season record to 7-8-1. Still below .500 but nothing to be scared about so early in the season. Let's get to it!

Prediction: Colorado -3 vs Air Force (Loss) I guess Air Force has a defense. And they can pass? That was the story line Saturday. After jumping out to a quick 10-0 lead, Colorado struggled mightily throughout the rest of the contest. Shenault jr. capped 100 yards receiving but most of the damage was done early, as Air Force did a fine job bottling him up after that, mostly with double coverage and an impressive pass rush. Colorado was caught off guard by a couple 50+ yard passing touchdowns from the Falcons, one week after they threw the ball just one time. This game went to overtime, but Air Force was the better conditioned team and outlasted the Buffaloes for the outright win. This marked my fourth game lost in overtime.

Prediction: Temple +5.5 vs Maryland (Win) This was a game where 90% of the betting public was against me. After the absolute offensive explosion Maryland put on the first two weeks, Temple held them very much in check. This line seemed off from the start, enticing millions to take the Terps, and the books definitely won on this game. But I saw an over confident team looking past the Owls and it turned out to hurt them, losing this one outright in a close, low scoring affair.

Prediction: Buffalo -6 @ Liberty (Loss) This one was ugly. A week after Buffalo put on an impressive first-half effort against Penn State last week, they showed their true colors on Saturday. They were outplayed in all three phases of the game against a woeful Liberty Flames team, perhaps playing like they had nothing to lose, which can be dangerous for opponents, especially in front of a home crowd losing faith in their team.

Prediction: Bengals -1 vs 49ers (Loss) Another game that was never close, after exchanging blows early, the 49er offense found its rhythm and never looked back, winning by a wide margin on the road wot weeks in a row. This 49er team doesn't have many high profile, flashy names littered across its roster, but maybe that's their secret. They might be the least talked about 2-0 team. The Bengals put on an impressive showing Week 1 against Seattle, whom many predict to make a deep playoff run, but they didn't seem to have that same energy Sunday, and when the deficit seemed insurmountable, they really let this one get away.

Prediction: Cardinals +13 @ Ravens (Win) Not many people expected this Cardinals team to be able to hang against what has so far been a very high powered Raven offense, and it had potential to get ugly midway through this game. Baltimore started out scoring touchdowns while holding Arizona to field goals, which had me nervous around half time. However a few key second half stops, and a few effective touchdown drives led by the air raid redbirds, along with a gentlemanly kneel down inside the Cardinals' five yard line, Arizona covered this one by seven points.

Prediction: Colts +3 @ Titans (Win) This is probably the game I was most confident in. The Colts are the better team here. Many people believed after Luck's retirement, Indy's season was effectively over. While that may have ended any title hopes, this is still a young, up and coming team with play makers on both sides of the ball. Brissett is by no means an elite quarterback, hes as good as Mariota. And he protects the ball better. Those factors lead me to believe in a road division win for the Colts, and that's exactly what happened.

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