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Injuries Across the AFC West

Hunter Henry is down, again. He suffered a tibial plateau injury against the Colts. After a fantastic year in 2017, he hasn’t been able to stay healthy. As always, there is fantasy implications to this.

If you drafted Hunter Henry, hold for now. It sucks, but we must. His injury can take up to three months and that is his worst-case scenario. The fact that the Chargers haven’t placed him on IR yet gives some hope to a possible return.

Who gets a boost from this? Virgil Green? No, I’m not buying into that. He had zero games last season as a tight end one with Henry out. Part of this could be due to Gates’ presence in the offense but even he only had three games as a TE1. Austin Ekler get’s the biggest boost, tight end targets and running back targets equate to each other and this gives Ekler the edge until/if/when Gordon returns. If you can buy Ekler at a decent price, he is worth it. Justin Jackson could be more involved too and can probably be found cheaper.

Staying in the AFC West, Tyreek Hill is expected to miss 4-to-6 weeks, and some are speculating 6-to-8 is more realistic. Sammy Watkins gets the boost from this, if he too does not get hurt. I for one, am selling Watkins on this top eigth WR hype. We have a history of him being injury prone. Mecole Hardman played on 78% of the Chiefs snaps Sunday. Waivers went through yesterday, but you should take a peak and see if he is available because the number two wide receiver for Patrick Mahomes comes with high end wide receiver two, if not low end one upside weekly.

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