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FPL GW12 - Keeping the Faith

Written By: @Post2Points

Playing around with your high end players comes at a price, a Fantasy folk law of what not to do! It can lead to points being missed if you so choose to shuffle around world talent. Each and every one of them can shine when you least expect it. Mohamed Salah (12.3M) will be the most captained player this week away at Fulham. It doesn’t come as much of a surprise, as I simply don’t even need to check the official website Friday evening. Easy win on paper but if it’s that easy, why play all your big hitters? Klopp might allow a rest for key members in his team with Salah playing a full game midweek. Chopping and changing with this little game of ‘Premium Ping Pong’, think about the money you have made from the stars in your squad so far, such as Son Heung-Min (9.6M) or even Kevin De Bruyne (11.8M). As little as 0.2/3M, it all adds up! If you’re dying to bring them back, you might not then be able to afford it. Top teams almost always beat bad opposition, each team all play the same games at one point. Right? It’s just a matter of risk when you opt for one over another in one period of the season. My opinion this year is that Bruno Fernandes (10.9M) can return in any given game and is set to score more points than other premium midfielders.

Fantasy Premier league is now pricing players much more expensively, along with the high level of player quality in the league, it can simply come down to who you prefer as a player and then sticking with them throughout or until they are injured. Even if one player hauls one week always look to the next. I often plan for a minimum of four Gameweeks with a player. Then, if they don’t do well I have time to ponder and use a transfer. Choosing one big hitter for just a single Gameweek will limit your chances of returns compared to four or more matches. As long as you‘ve made room for three premium players it’s up to them to do the rest.

Everton are not themselves recently as the loss of their two main full backs, Coleman (4.8M) & Digne (6.1M) has effected the whole set up. They push back the opposing teams style of play and force balls into the box at any given time. Having lost this, Alex Iwobi (5.9M) is now a dedicated wing back and only used for crossing purposes. Additionally, forcing the matter over to Ben Godfrey (5.0M) as a right back is not the solution Everton are wanting. As for James Rodriguez (7.7M) his lack for defensive qualities added to his central positioning is not helping his side take charge on games. Being the star man takes grit, determination and a fearless attitude to show his fellow Toffees how to win.

Nothing but hard defence systems are up next for the Merseyside side and it looks like it could all but fall apart if Carlo Ancelotti doesn’t change his tactics soon. The Toffees also have by far one of the worst defences in the league compared to Sheffield United, who struggle to even shoot at goal, who concede less chances than Everton.

Saving money and gaining points with value is great. But how long will it last? A player comparison this time round is that some managers are opting for Diogo Jota (7.0M) and completely parting ways with Mohamed Salah (12.3M). Although minutes per chance is roughly the same, standing at around 30 minutes per game, there is no comparison to the Egyptian king. Whose just entered into the history books as Liverpool’s top champions league scorer! He remains Liverpool’s main man with a stroke of genius never too far away.

Coming into a well gelled organised Klopp side, Diogo has had ice in his veins ever since he signed. Scoring at least a goal a game at Anfield, until a small feature off the bench against his former team. Previously lacking game time with Wolverhampton he has now been given a chance at a full ninety minutes. Diogo has relished the minor amount of pressure the media have set on him. When the super star centre midfielder Thiago finally signed in the same week, he was then the main headline, so no one payed attention to Jota and what a joy it is to see yet another Jurgen Klopp masterclass unfold.

This year has limited the amount of people going to the seafront and having nothing but fun and enjoyment by the beach. Instead one coast in England seems to be doing just that with such limited locals now in attendance. Brighton have a very favourable run in the short turn of games. Not one of the seagulls is priced above 6.5M! A fearless approach to any game has its pros and cons, but with a playing style that actually works it makes this team fun to watch.

One to keep an eye on is Danny Welbeck (5.5M), he’s started consistent games for the first time in two years. Three returns in his last three and the target man Brighton so desperately needed. Other areas of the pitch is Pascal Gross (5.8M) who so far after now being selected, has shown his old former self and is producing strong stats. The German has a better crossing percentage than Kevin De Bruyne, along with one blank in five consecutive starts. By far one of the best value names in the squad back in 2017. Penalties are a main asset this year and taking these raises potential even further. The Seagulls sit well defensively but when their opponents shoot they often score. Players such as skipper Lewis Dunk (4.8M) & Adam Webster (4.4M) have been known for a goal or two but in this set up, Tariq Lamptey (4.8M) is the stand out option.

A real differential in this team having only missed one game so far this campaign. The guy they always looked for crossing from the opposite side to Lamptey is the winger Solomon March (5.0M). Often taking corners, as well as popping up with a few goals already. If it’s value your after to fill in that fifth midfield slot then Solly could be your man.

Famously quoted as the ‘whipping boys’ avoiding the drop just seems too inevitable for some teams. Along with a combined goal difference of -51. The bottom four teams are all in minus double digits in +/- goals conceded. Seeing one of these teams play anyone inform your likely to be rewarded.

Most recently Wilfred Zaha (7.4M) is a stand out since he braced when playing West Brom, who had a man sent off. The Ivory Coast international often only really scores when a team is down to ten so don’t get fully fooled into buying him. My advice; look at the bottom four, check their fixtures, look at valued options and take the chance. Remember if you take a hit for a player in an ‘easy’ game and they don’t return you points, you‘ll loose roughly 50k on your overall rank!

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Oh when the Saints, go marching in! They will need a fully fit Danny Ings! Last year he finally played a full season with some niggling injury woes along the way. Ings (8.3M) was ever so close to winning the golden boot for most goals scored in 2019/20. Straight up and firing at the start of this season, yet another problem regarding his availability hurts the souls of Southampton fans.

Subtlety coming on at the half way break in the last game. His manager, knowing how vital he is, might just ease him back gradually as unfortunately one key trait of his is being injury prone, game minutes could simply be reduced. A high temptation to bring him in against Sheffield United is risky but can come with great reward, if he starts that is. If you so choose to select Ings over the likes of Calvert-Lewin (8.0M) who sits in over 60% of squads. This saint might leave you with a halo over your head as Danny, the bonus point magnet, remains in just over 6% of teams.

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