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Fantasy Football Team Names: Make Fantasy Football Fun Again

Lets say you have been struggling with making the fantasy football playoffs in the past. Maybe you drafted a quarterback in the third round and it screwed up your entire team (please see my previous article.) 

One thing that can salvage your pride is having a good team name. 

When it comes to creating a team name, the possibilities are endless. You could try taking your favorite player, or someone that you drafted on your team and making their name rhyme or fit with a popular noun, pronoun or phrase. 

I just had to read that sentence twice to comprehend it, and I am the one who wrote it. So please, let me explain.

Let's say you're an old school football fan. You could take a band that happens to rhyme with veteran Doug Flutie and create the team name "Flutie and the Blowfish." If you enjoy horror movies and have Deshaun Watson on your team, you could try "Deshaun of the Dead," after the 2004 film "Dawn of the Dead."

Maybe you have Patrick Mahomes on your team and you like the rapper Post Malone. Your team name could be "Post Mahome." Are you a big fan of the Chicago Bears and their defense? How about "Fleetwood Mack." Excited to see what Le'Veon Bell does in New York? "Bellie and the Jets." 

Not into music but love viral Youtube videos and happen to have Carlos Hyde on your team? "Hyde Yo Kids Hyde Yo Wife." 

Do you feel that Drew Brees is the greatest quarterback in history? "Breesus Christ."

If Baker Mayfield played fantasy football during his rookie year with the Cleveland Browns, I will be disappointed if his team name was anything other than "VARSITY BLHUES."

Is Zeke Elliot your main running back? "Zeke A Virus." 

"To Kill a Mockingbird" is one of my favorite books. During the 2015 season, I had Marshawn Lynch on my team and was not ashamed to take a more sophisticated route with the name "Atticus Lynch." 

But maybe it's hard to be creative. Using simple statements can be the best way to invent a team name as well. For example, "Tom Brady Can't Catch." Look how easily that turned into a name. Or the casual "Ray Lewis is a Murderer." Perhaps you can use your team name as a protesting outlet and create "Fire Mike Tomlin." How about "Sean McVay #MCM." You know you have all thought about him as your Man Crush Monday.

One more thing to remember is that these are fantasy leagues. Team names don't have to be relevant to football. If you can come up with something that is not simply your last name, then you are set. For example, I think it's safe to say that "Team Pizza Party" is much better than "Team Smith." Who doesn't think pizza parties are awesome? So why wouldn't it make an awesome name? Or how about "Fire Tornado." What on earth is more intimidating than a fire tornado? Live anywhere other than Oakland, California? Maybe you are dying to use "The Warriors Blew a 3-1 Lead in the Finals" as a team name. I would fully support that one. 

At the end of the day, the goal is to have fun. Yes, fantasy football is a hobby. But the majority of us get stressed out and have family members tip toeing around the house in fear every Sunday because our kicker is playing and we needed a team we don't even care about to kick a field goal instead of scoring a touchdown. Creating a fun team name is a way to make this hobby a little more enjoyable and to earn respect even if you don't make the playoffs. 

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