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Emmanuel Sanders has a New Home

Emmanuel Sanders has officially been moved to the San Francisco 49ers. The writing was on the wall for Sanders, his contract was up next year and the Broncos are going nowhere. He was traded with a fifth round pick for a third and a fourth. It’s a good move for both teams, and San Fran gets needed receiving help.

The Broncos side of the ball

This is Cortland Sutton’s team now. Yes, he’s the outside guy but he’s shown promise this year. DaeSean Hamilton, a lot of experts’ favorite late round pick this season, officially gets his chance to shine. He’s worth picking up in any deep leagues but if you’re choosing between Hamilton or Kenny Stills, I go Stills. Sanu or Hamilton, I go Hamilton. Hamilton is already up to speed in Denver and if you need a filler for bye weeks Hamilton should provide a nice PPR floor for teams in need.

The Niners side of the ball

The wide receivers who had little value lose it. Jimmy G has not been playing his best football this season, but he’s been a good game manager and shown he can still play QB when he needs to. He now gets himself a nice veteran slot receiver as a safety blanket. Dante Pettis takes a big hit, but did you really hold him this long this season in redraft? The 49ers are 31st in passing plays in the NFL, and Jimmy G is 26th in pass attempts. We may see these numbers go up with the acquisition of Sanders but for now, I think he’s lost his fantasy value. He’s not droppable yet until we know, but for now he’s not worth anything.

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