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Draft Bust: Tom Brady

Next up on my “Draft Bust” series, we are focusing on the quarterback position. Many will be surprised with my pick but Mr. Tom Brady a.k.a. the G.O.A.T, will be my next draft bust. You may think I’m crazy or trying to trick you, but once I explain my reasoning behind this suggestion, you’ll understand where I’m coming from.

One thing to remember during my article, we are talking fantasy football Tom Brady, not NFL Brady. PSA: I’m not proud of this but I’ve been singing The Brady Bust in my head to the Brady Bunch theme song since starting this article, I love it!

Okay, back to business! In the 2018 season, Brady ended the year as fantasy quarterback number 13. Not bad for a top 15 quarterback right? But when you look at the details of the 16 fantasy season games, Brady only surpassed 20 fantasy points 5 times. To add to that note, he also scored less than 15 points in 5 games.

Need another example? I got you. After week 8 of the fantasy season, Brady only reached over 20 fantasy points one time. Tom Brady’s consistency and reliability are questionable, which is not what you want from your every week starter.

At the start of 2019, Brady will be at a youthful age of 42-years-old. Only one other QB played at the age of 42 and that was Warren Moon, who had a sub-par season.

Brady’s yards-per-attempt, total yards, and completion percentage have continued to go down over the years. The age is a major concern because injuries and lack of body movement can creep up on an individual. Especially in the run game, where Brady offers zero benefits in that category.

The Patriots learned something during last year’s Super Bowl run, which is that they need a strong run game to keep Brady fresh. Brady was mediocre at best during the playoff run and if they are going to attempt to repeat next year, they will need Brady at his best.

Since the Patriots have the second easiest strength for running backs, best believe they are going to take full advantage of that during the season. They have a solid young group of Sony Michel and Damien Harris to run with the ball.

The 2019 off-season was not nice to Brady, as 40 percent of his targets are now gone. Rob Gronkowski, Josh Gordon, and other strong players are no longer on the team. Brady’s receiving core consists of 33-year-old Julian Edelman, rookie N’keal Harry and journeymen veterans. Philip Dorsett and Demaryius Thomas. Not to mention, the tight end position is laughable at best.

Please don’t draft Brady as your QB1. If you want to use him as a plug-and-play, that’s fine but drafting him hoping he is going to lead you to a championship is a mistake. With age, prioritizing the running game and lack of reliable targets, things don’t look too bright for Brady.

Draft a quarterback with a higher upside because if you draft Brady, he could end up costing you a spot in the playoffs and ultimately be your 2019 Draft Bust.

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