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Draft Bust: Corey Davis

As I write this article today, we are a week away from the Hall-of-Fame game. I know it's not that exciting but football is football. As we inch closer to our drafts in August, more and more research is needed to be done on who you should draft and who you should pass up.

This next “Draft Bust” should help you with an ongoing tough decision in the middle of your drafts. This week’s potential draft bust is Corey Davis of the Tennessee Titans, a gifted receiver, but will likely be a huge headache for your team in fantasy this year.

Davis was the fifth pick of the 2017 draft, out of Central Michigan. The highly talented and huge potential rookie only played 11 games during his first year and didn’t score any touchdowns. Last season, Davis was a sleeper to breakout but that didn’t go according to plan. He did have a decent season with almost 900 yards and four touchdowns but only averaged 9.9 fantasy points per game.

His fantasy points will be my first argument. In 16 games played last season, Davis only managed to score over 12 points in just four games. He really hurt you in the playoff weeks as he ranked 52nd as a fantasy wide receiver and averaged 6.8 points per game. If you remember, that was around the time that Derrick Henry decided to start running the ball.

Speaking of Henry’s running, that’s exactly what the Titans would like to do this season. Their coaches have come out and said that they want to be a running team. Last season showed that, as they were second to last in passing plays and second in running plays. This is a major concern because they are going to lean on the running backs and give less opportunity to the receivers.

Davis is talented and if he was on a different team, I would be all in but his quarterbacks stink.

Marcus Mariota has been horrible as a quarterback. He can’t stay healthy and plays poorly when he is on the field. He produced just one top 20 receiver during his best season as a pro in 2016. Davis’ only hope is if Ryan Tannehill plays at some point, as he had produced multiple top 20 receivers. Tannehill is still a limited passer, as he hasn’t been the best at the deep ball. Basically, Davis is trapped with horrible passers.

Last season, Davis had double the amount of targets and yards as the second-best pass catcher. That’s about to change because the Titans went out and picked up target hog Adam Humphries, drafted young electric A.J. Brown and are getting back old reliable tight end Delanie Walker. With the increase in talent, Davis’ opportunity for targets could take a hit. The quarterbacks may be forced to take safer options with short passes.

The negatives outweigh the positives of drafting Davis this year. His current ADP has him going in round 8 as pick 96. I think taking a shot at someone else who is in a high power offense over Davis is a smarter move. He will have his game or two but for the most part, you’ll just be wishing and hoping, and overall you will consider him your draft bust.

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