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Diggs Is a Must Buy With His Perceived Value

In 2019 the Minnesota Vikings ranked 31st in passing plays in the NFL as the Buffalo Bills ranked 23rd. Why is the information important? The current rumblings in the fantasy community is that Diggs’ value hasn’t changed, some even think it has lowered. The truth is though, Diggs gets a baby bump in value and it is enough to buy him right now in dynasty if you can.

Josh Allen isn’t the most accurate quarterback in the NFL, but his arm strength makes up for that. According to Player Profiler, Allen was eight in the NFL in deep ball attempts, while Cousins’ was 17th. The deep ball targets aren’t going to always hit, but the more attempts for Diggs who just needs one play to hit on being a top 12 receiver every week.

The final reason why Diggs’ gets an uptake in value, Buffalo will adapt. I understand the narrative that Buffalo is a run first team, play defense and grind out the clock. We will see this trend to a more balanced team as Josh Allen ascends into a competent starting QB in the NFL. The price tag the Bills paid alone shows the team plans to involve Diggs. A first round pick alone shows he is in their plans now, and the future. Diggs is likely undervalued in dynasty leagues right now and should be on your buy list immediately.

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