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Cooks Has Found a New Home, Again?

In an effort to fill the void in their wide receiving room, the Texans have acquired Brandin Cooks, who at this point seems to be a journeyman receiver not by his own choice. From 2015 to 2018 Cooks recorded four straight 1000-yard season, and three in a row on three different teams. What this can tell us, is Cooks can adapt easily to new offenses, and gain both his quarterback and coach's trust. To me though, the Texans just added another Will Fuller with better hands. 

Cooks easily moves into the team's number one receiver role, or perhaps a 1A/1B with Fuller. Cooks has had many concussions in his first six years in the NFL, which could create an issue for him in the long run. For dynasty folks, he is only 26-years-old and just walked into a team in need of his talent. His current ADP for the 2020 season is the top of the seventh round in half-PPR. Currently, with the current pandemic, he and Watson won’t get much time to develop a chemistry right away, but I wouldn’t doubt his ability to get up to speed with a new team making him worth all the draft capital. 

In terms of the QB, I was skeptical of Watson’s value in a post-Hopkins world for him, but with the addition of Cooks, I think he will still be fine. In Super Flex leagues, I think he is a solid draft pick who can make magic happen for not only the Texans but your fantasy team. In terms of one quarterback redraft leagues, Watson shouldn’t be drafted at the 5.01, but you should be waiting for a quarterback anyway. The Texans should still be a top ten offense and that makes Cooks a piece I’d like to have for such a small price tag. 

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