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Buy Low/Sell High Week 7

Buy Low

Curtis Samuel, WR, Carolina Panthers

For my First Buy Low, I have gone with Curtis Samuel. After getting off to a slow start to begin the season, he had himself one heck of a game in Week six against the Bucs. His versatility showed as he put up two touchdowns (one rushing and one receiving) in a game where he was all over the field. Currently on a bye week, the Panthers have to be working on how to get this man more involved in the offense. Lucky for Samuel, he has the fourth easiest schedule for the remainder of the season especially with two match-ups against the Falcons by playoff time. He has been keeping up with WR1 D.J. Moore this season by only having six targets less than him on the year. Part of Samuel’s upside is he leads the team in red zone targets, so he could have over 10 touchdowns by the season's end. You want to have players in good match-ups who are involved on the field, especially Samuel who has played over 90-percent of snaps in five of six games this season. Go get him while his value is still low.

Possible bait to trade: Hollywood Brown, Jarvis Landry or Marvin Jones

John Brown, WR, Buffalo Bills

After he blew up in Week one with 123 receiving yards and a touchdown, he has been decent at best. He has at least five receptions in four of five games this season. He is clearly the Bills' number one receiver as he leads the team in targets and snaps. He has great match-ups moving forward as he plays the Dolphins twice, Eagles, Washington and more average defenses. Brown is getting the yards every game so far but the touchdowns aren’t falling just yet. The opportunities he will be getting should allow him to break a few long ones for touchdowns. The important part is Josh Allen’s growth for the season and I think he is ready to have a strong second half to his season so Brown should benefit from it. Get him on your team now before it's too late.

Try Trading: Hollywood Brown, DeMarcus Robinson or Marvin Jones

Sell High

Adrian Peterson, RB, Washington

It's been a long time since the glory AP days where he would be so dominant that no match-up could affect him. Unfortunately we are years pass that. Now AP is a great sell high after his 100 yard performance vs the Dolphins. Currently AP is averaging a sad 3.6 YPC for the season on a bad Washington team. His one benefit now is that the new coaching scheme is focused on running the football. Even with the opportunity, his efficiency is not good and the team is so bad, they will be forced to throw it. They have the sixth hardest schedule for the rest of the season especially over the next three weeks with the 49ers Vikings and Bills. To add to all of this, reports are that Derrius Guice will begin practicing next week so this could quickly turn into a horrible committee. Get away quickly from this horrible situation while you can.

Trade for: Jamal Williams, Miles Sanders or Kareem Hunt

Lamar Jackson, QB, Baltimore Ravens

You must be thinking, why would I want to trade the number one fantasy QB in the league right now? Well it’s actually a perfect time to sell high on him as he just finished playing the easiest part of his schedule. Jackson has played six games on the season and five of those teams are bottom 15 worst against QBs. Of those five teams, three of them are bottom five against QBs. Going into week seven now, six of the next seven games are going to be rough for Jackson. Six of the next seven teams are the best against QBs and allowed the least amount of points. They also play the three best teams in stopping QBs points in the 49ers, Bills and Patriots. Lamar’s fantasy season is being saved due to his running abilities since he has only thrown four touchdowns passes over the last four games. Teams are going to adjust to his way of playing and forcing him to thrown the all. Jackson is lacking talent still as Hollywood Brown continues to be off the field due to injuries. Even with Mark Andrews' breakout season, it won’t be enough to save Jackson’s fantasy season. I'm not saying force a trade quickly but if you get the right offer I’d move on from Jackson while he is still on fire. Trade for: Brady or Wentz or Donald and a player

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