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Buy Low/Sell High - Week 2

Football season is in full effect right now. You may have lost or won your week one games. You did your first waiver wire picks and hopefully you got some of the players you wanted. Maybe you’re not completely happy with your team right now. Perhaps your TE isn’t what you expected or you are short at the RB and WR positions. Perhaps you are not happy with some of the players you drafted or you have too much at one position and want to upgrade. Well today I have for you some buy low players right now and some sell high before Week 2 kicks off.


David Montgomery

This should be very obvious as David Montgomery was one of the biggest hype rises during fantasy drafts. Everyone was gushing over his talent and the opportunity, he could receive in this up and coming offense. After week one, the hype train might have fallen for Montgomery and this offense as they put together an awful game. The Bears completely did not use Montgomery and he did not play after halftime, which is especially strange since it was a close game. He had the least targets, snap count and redzone looks out of the three Chicago RBs. So owners could be freaking out that they wasted a fourth round pick. This is where you come in and scoop him for pennies as the Bears will realize they need to use Montgomery more if they want to win. He showed his talent in the small amount he played. His one catch he had, where he broke off for 27 yards was an example of his greatness. I see a Nick Chubb like scenario happening. Go get him before he turns up!

Devante Adams

Another top performing player, who disappointed on Thursday night football. He finished the game with eight targets catching four of them for 36 yards. Many owners could overreact to Adam’s poor start and want to trade him. This is where you step in and take advantage of that owner. Adams will bounce back because he is really that talented and he is getting the ball from Aaron Rodgers. If you swap him for TY Hilton and one of the Week 1 breakouts. It might just do the trick.

Miles Sanders

Sanders is another rookie who, stats wise, kind of disappointed. He ran for 11 carries for just 25 yards; that is just 2.3 YPC. I can understand that is a concern for owners out there. Sometimes you need to look deeper into the game as he played 48% of the snaps over all other RBs on the team which is encouraging to say the least. He also saw two red zone attempts and for a rookie, that’s pretty good in his first game. This is the time to grab him if owners aren’t willing to wait. He seems to be an important piece in his offense and they plan on using him. He did play a tough Redskins defense who last year was very good against the run so don’t discredit his one performance. Try to get him for a Phillip Lindsey or Carlos Hyde.

Others you can try for: Julio Jones. Devin Singletary, Brandin Cooks


Marquise "Hollywood" Brown

If you were able to snag Brown off of waivers then good for you because you now have a small window to flip jim for a more realistic player. Yes, Brown did go off for 146 yards and two TDs, giving him 28 fantasy points for the game. Why wouldn’t you want to keep that on your team? Well he only played 12 snaps for the game so that efficiency won’t hold up. He also played the worst defense in the league in Miami, that after the game the players didn’t even want to be there. He is going to regress because he will see tougher match-ups. He is going to be one of those boom/bust players all season and it’s going to be annoying when to start him. Look for an owners whose WRs didn’t play well and see if a trade could happen.

Derrick Henry

Week 1 Derrick Henry made me look really dumb as I bashed him all off-season, but I’m still on the bashing train. Week one was a fluke if it wasn’t for his one catch for a 75 yard TD he would have had an average day. Those 14 extra points made Henry look like a star in the making. He took advantage of a not ready Browns team who got lost early in game. I expect Henry to be phased out at times as the Titans even with their great defense should be behind in games. Many would disagree with me on this but if I could ship him off for Nick Chubb or James Connor, I won’t hesitate. I’m doing that.

T.Y. Hilton

Hilton is another sell high candidate right now because of his great Week one performance. There is one huge thing to remember about TY and that is he averages just six TDs a season in his career. Well this Sunday he already has two on the year so let’s say four more all season isn’t a positive outlook. The offense is very vanilla and I’d prefer to go after someone with more upside. This isn’t a stab at Hilton because he is going to be fine all season if you keep him. If there is an owner who over reacts to D.Adams' or Julio's sub-par games, I would take my shot of selling Hilton. Not every sell high is a bad player especially in Hilton's case but if you can turn a high performing W2 into a W1 then I’m going to pull the trigger.

Others you can try to trade away: Jags WRs, Phillip Dorrestt, Tarik Cohen

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