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Buy Low and Sell High for Week 4

Going into week 4 the trade market is quickly opening and owners are looking to improve their team or even retool it. This is the time to take advantage of the situation for your own teams. We have three Buy Low candidates and three Sell High players that can help improve your teams.

Buy Low

James Connor

This might come as a shocker, for how disappointing James Connor has played to start the season. This is why he is a Buy Low candidate. Why has he struggled? Well, he has been game scripted out each week after the team gets down very early. The offense hasn't been clicking and with the young Mason Rudolph at QB, defenses are stacking boxes now. It’s a cause for concern but the good times are coming for Connor. First, the running game has the second easiest strength of schedule for the remainder of the season. Second, this team will get back on track. Mason Rudolph will get more comfortable in the offense allowing things to open up in the run game. They have faced teams that are a combined 8-1 so far this season. They have matches with the Bengals twice, Dolphins, and among other average run defenses. It's time to get your share now before he goes off!

Christian Kirk

Kirk is the second Buy Low candidate as so far this season he has been decent. He is in a perfect situation to take flight moving forward. The air raid offense is a huge benefit to him as he has received a team-high 32 targets. He has caught 20 of them for just over 200 yards on the season. I expect this team to continue to air the ball out as Kyler Murray gets more comfortable in the offense. Kirk also has yet to catch any touchdowns on the season so if the air raid continues then expect the touchdowns to come.

Robby Anderson

Anderson could absolutely be someone who is on waivers or just sitting at the ends of most folks' benches. One thing to know about Anderson’s fantasy career is that he always performs during the second half of the season. During both the 2017 and 2018 seasons after Week 8, Robby Anderson was at least a top-25 receiver. His stock is at an all-time low right now so trading for him will be a piece of cake. The hopeful return of Sam Donald should give him a boost as those two shared a connection at the end of last season.

Sell High

Jordan Howard

I could be cheating on this one as Howard went off for three touchdowns on Thursday night against a good Packers defense. If you have Howard on your team this could be a good opportunity to reach out to some newbie who doesn't know anything about fantasy football or owners who have been killed at the running back position to trade them,Howard. Prior to this game, Howard was RB41 with just 17.9 points on the season. I think the Eagles just used their hot hand to win an important game. He is going to continue splitting carries with Miles Sanders and he is still shaky as a pass catcher which limits his value. Also, the receivers will continue to get healthy and will turn this team into a passing league. This is the time to see if you can get a solid trade-off of him.

Mike Evans

Mike Evans went on an absolute tear against a bad Giants team in Week 3. He went on for 8 receptions for 190 yards and 3 touchdowns on the day. This week, his value is at an all-time high because over the next 5 weeks could be brutal for him. He has four bad match-ups against those teams' lockdown corners plus he has a bye week in the middle. Godwin emerging in his offense has lessened Mike Evans opportunity because they no longer need to force the ball to him each week. Mike Evans is a sell at the right price, don't take less to just get rid of him.

Demarcus Robinson

Robinson has been one of the most added players these past two weeks and hasn’t disappointed the owners who picked him up. If you’d like to benefit even more from your acquisition, I would recommend selling high on the guy before it’s too late. It probably wouldn’t be a one-for-one deal, but I could see Demarcus being a side piece that adds a little more intrigue to your trade offer. Over the past two weeks, Robinson has only been targeted 10 times but has translated that into 215 yards and 3 touchdowns. The talent is there (and it doesn’t hurt that Mahomes is his QB) but I believe his numbers will regress in the coming weeks. Not only will they regress based on logic, but Tyreek Hill is back soon, most likely pushing Robinson out of playing time. Put him in a two-for-one trade to make the most of his value while you still can.

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