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B-Team - Week 11

Normally as I go about my day on Sunday watching and enjoying some football, I keep track of how my B-Team for the week performes. Last week, I did not however and I did not pool my totals until minutes before I typed this Week 11 edition on Saturday night. It wasn’t my best performance, but it also wasn’t my worst. I had high hopes for players that simply flat out did not perform. The B-Team series is one where I create a hypothetical fantasy football lineup consisting of players owned in less than 40-percent of Yahoo and/or ESPN leagues with a goal of scoring over 100 fantasy points. The purpose of the series is to show that there is readily available value on your waiver wire at any given time.

I was led last week by Ryan Tannehill who had 18.94 fantasy points after he had a slow start to the football game. Outside of my quarterback, J.D. McKissic was my lead scorer with just 11.5 fantasy points. Like I said previously, it wasn’t my greatest outing. I was hoping for players such as Chester Rogers, A.J. Brown and Trey Edmunds to have great weeks based on touches and opportunities, but obviously my judgement was wrong there. Let’s see how I did overall last week.

Week 10 Results

QB: Ryan Tannehill (Tennessee Titans) - 18.94 points

RB: Trey Edmunds (Pittsburgh Steelers) - 3.5 points

RB: J.D. McKissic (Detroit Lions) - 11.5 points

WR: A.J. Brown (Tennessee Titans) - 2.7 points

WR: Josh Reynolds (Los Angeles Rams) - 7.9 points

TE: Mike Gesicki (Miami Dolphins) - 3.8 points

Flex: Chester Rogers (Indianapolis Colts) - 5.1 points

Def: New York Giants - 1 point

Total: 54.44 points

Week 11 Picks


Kyle Allen (Carolina Panthers) - Owned in 33% of Yahoo and 22.5% of ESPN leagues

I know that the Atlanta Falcons just prevented Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints to not throw for a touchdown last week, the first time they’ve been able to do that this season. That game was the exception to the rule and the team that has allowed the fourth most fantasy points to opposing quarterbacks will allow Kyle Allen and company to throw all over them on Sunday as well. Allen is fresh off a 300+ yard game against the Green Bay Packers, who are a much better defense than the Falcons.

Running Backs

Raheem Mostert (San Francisco 49ers) - Owned in 13% of Yahoo and 10.7% of ESPN leagues

The 49ers are fresh off their first loss of the season and get the chance to rebound with a match-up with the Arizona Cardinals. They’ll be without Matt Breida who has already been deemed out for the game. Tevin Coleman too is a bit banged up and also did not have that great of a statline two weeks ago when these two teams played. With a very strong schedule ahead of them, with the likes of the Packers, Ravens, Saints, Falcons, Rams and Seawhks to finish out the season, the 49ers may lean on the likes of Raheem Mostert to do the bulk of work in one of their last “easy” games of the season.

J.D. McKissic (Detroit Lions) - Owned in 35% of Yahoo and 22.5% of ESPN leagues

Okay, I know this is three weeks in a row that I’ve used J.D. McKissic, but can you blame me? He’s still under the 40-percent owned mark and has posted back-to-back weeks of 16.2 and 11.5 fantasy points. With Matthew Stafford set to miss his second straight game and the Cowboys being one of the best passing defenses in the league, McKissic could be featured early and often on Sunday, especially with as involved as he is in the passing game.

Wide Receivers

Zach Pascal (Indianapolis Colts) - Owned in 38% of Yahoo and 33.5% of ESPN leagues

The last time we saw Jacoby Brissett and Zach Pascal playing together, Pascal went for 18.6 fantasy points on 5 receptions, 76 yards and a touchdown. He had just two catches last week against the Dolphins with Brian Hoyer at the helm, which saw him being dropped in 21% of Yahoo and 4.5% of ESPN leagues over the past week. With T.Y. Hilton and Parris Campbell still out, I expect Pascal to be heavily involved in the Colts’ match-up with divisional rivals Jacksonville Jaguars.

Russell Gage (Atlanta Falcons) - Owned in 3% of Yahoo and 1.1% of ESPN leagues

This may seem like an odd pick, but with the Falcons’ top redzone target and TE1 Austin Hooper set to miss upwards of a month, Gage gets a massive boost. On top of the absence of Hooper, Gage has been getting more and more involved since Mohamed Sanu left town for New England. Over the last two weeks, Gage has seen a combined 14 targets and 11 receptions for 81 yards. He’s yet to score a touchdown but he has a plus match-up with the Carolina Panthers who have given up the ninth most fantasy points to opposing wide receivers.

Tight End

Ross Dwelley (San Francisco 49ers) - Owned in 9% of Yahoo and 6.6% of ESPN leagues

George Kittle is set to miss his second straight game as the 49ers take on the Arizona Cardinals. In the first game without Kittle, Ross Dwelley saw seven targets. He didn’t do much with those targets, but it was a tough game with the Seattle Seahawks. This week he gets the Cardinals, who have given up the most fantasy points to opposing tight ends. In a game where many of the 49ers’ big names may be limited or out, look for the likes of Dwelley to have himself a day.


Cole Beasley (Buffalo Bills) - Owned in 35% of Yahoo and 26.8% of ESPN leagues

Did you miss Cole? After a few week absence here in the B-Team, the most capped player has returned. We’re bringing him back just in time for his match-up with the Miami Dolphins. Prior to last week’s game with the Cleveland Browns, Beasley had a three game touchdown streak. He did only post 13 yards the last time the Bills played the Dolphins but he did score a touchdown. Either way, I had to plug ol’ trusty Cole into the flex this week with this plus match-up.


New York Jets - Owned in 39% of Yahoo and 36.7% of ESPN leagues

With Dwayne Haskins under center for Washington, I just had to do with the New York Jets’ defense this week. In Haskins’ appearances this season, lets just say, they haven’t been great. In his 44 professional attempts, Haskins has thrown four interceptions. Playing behind such a poor offensive line with such limited weapons isn’t going to fair well fro Haskins, especially when the team will probably play him pretty much no matter what happens for the rest of the season.

Week 9 Results

QB: Sam Darnold (New York Jets) - 13.5 points

RB: Alexander Mattison (Minnesota Vikings) - 0.6 points

RB: J.D. McKissic (Detroit Lions) - 16.2 points

WR: DeVante Parker (Miami Dolphins) - 15.7 points

WR: Zach Pascal (Indianapolis Colts) - 18.6 points

TE: Jonnu Smith (Tennessee Titans) - 4.8 points

Flex: Chris Conley (Jacksonville Jaguars) - 5.2 points

DEF: Miami Dolphins - 8 points

Total: 82.6 points

Week 8 Results

QB: Mason Rudolph (Pittsburgh Steelers) - 17.04 points

RB: J.D. McKissic (Detroit Lions) - 3.1 points

RB: Mark Walton (Miami Dolphins) - 6.4 points

WR: DeVante Parker (Miami Dolphins) - 11.9 points

WR: Keke Coutee (Houston Texans) - 0 points

TE: Jonnu Smith (Tennessee Titans) - 19.8

FLEX: Cole Beasley (Buffalo Bills) - 13.1 points

DEF: Detroit Lions - 11 points

Total: 82.34

Week 7 Results

QB: Daniel Jones (New York Giants) - 11.42 points

RB: Darrell Henderson Jr. (Los Angeles Rams) - 4.9 points

RB: Alexander Mattison (Minnesota Vikings) - 1.8 points

WR: Cole Beasley (Buffalo Bills) - 10.6 points

WR: Auden Tate (Cincinnati Bengals) - 9.5 points

TE: Darren Fells (Houston Texans) - 4.7 points

Flex: Dante Pettis (San Francisco 49ers) - 0 points

DEF: Detroit Lions - -4 points

Total: 38.92 points

Week 6 Results

QB: Case Keenum (Washington) - 15.64 points

RB: Ito Smith (Atlanta Falcons) - 0.6 points

RB: Chase Edmonds (Arizona Cardinals) - 14.7 points

WR: Geronimo Allison (Green Bay Packers) - 4.8 points

WR: Preston Williams (Miami Dolphins) - 5.1 points

TE: Darren Fells (Houston Texans) - 12.9 points

FLEX: Auden Tate (Cincinnati Bengals) - 14.1 points

DEF: Miami Dolphins - 1 point

Total: 68.86 points

Week 5 Results

QB: Andy Dalton (Cincinnati Bengals) - 18.98 points

RB: Nyheim Hines (Indianapolis Colts) - 8.5 points

RB: Brandon Bolden (New England Patriots) - 11.2 points

WR: Geronimo Allison (Green Bay Packers) - 4.8 points

WR: Auden Tate (Cincinnati Bengals) - 11.6 points

TE: Tyler Eifert (Cincinnati Bengals) - 3.4 points

FLEX: Cole Beasley (Buffalo Bills) - 5.1 points

DEF: Oakland Raiders - 8

Total: 71.58 points

Week 4 Results

QB: Case Keenum (Washington) - 0.48 points

RB: Tony Pollard (Dallas Cowboys) - 0 points

RB: Alexander Mattison (Minnesota Vikings) - 2.3 points

WR: Dontrelle Inman (Los Angeles Chargers) - 12.6 points

WR: Preston Williams (Miami Dolphins) - 8.6 points

TE: Vernon Davis (Washington) - 1.5 points

FLEX: Kenny Stills (Houston Texans) - 4. Points

DEF: Cincinnati Bengals - 2 points

Total: 31.88 Points

Week 3 Results

QB: Kyle Allen (Carolina Panthers) - 24.34 points

RB: Darwin Thompson (Kansas City Chiefs) - 0.8 points

RB: Rex Burkhead (New England Patriots) - 18.9 points

WR: Randall Cobb (Dallas Cowboys) - 4.3 points

WR: Deebo Samuel (San Francisco 49ers) - 7.4 points

TE: Will Dissly (Seattle Seahawks) - 18.2 points

Flex: Phillip Dorsett (New England Patriots) - 18.5 points

DEF: Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 8 points

Total: 100.44 points

Week 2 Results

QB: Josh Allen (Buffalo Bills) - 22.22 points

RB: Raheem Mostert (San Francisco 49ers) - 24.1 points

RB: C.J. Anderson (Detroit Lions) - 0.8 points

WR: Mecole Hardman (Kansas City Chiefs) - 16.1 points

WR: Danny Amendola (Detroit Lions) - 0 points

TE: Vernon Davis (Washington) - 5.9 points

DEF: Indianapolis Colts - 7

Total: 76.12 points

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