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B-Team Recap

It’s been a few weeks since you’ve heard from the B-Team, the series where we created a hypothetical fantasy football lineup week-in-and-week-out consisting of players owned in less than 40-percent of Yahoo and/or ESPN leagues. The goal for the series was to score 100 fantasy points weekly with the made-up lineup. The last week I produced a line-up was Week 15 as I honestly ran out of time for getting a line-up out for Week 16. We also began in Week 2, as the idea came to be after the first week of the season. Next season, I’ll be back with the series beginning in Week 1 and continuing through Week 16, I can promise you that.

Now, we have 14 weeks of lineups to highlight here in this recap article. We’ll crown the All B-Team which will include the highest scoring players at each position over each week. We will also appoint the All Worst Team, which will feature the players who scored the least amount of points. From there, we’ll talk about the players we used the most across the season and we’ll rank and talk about each of our weekly performances from best to worst. Buckle up, as we take a trip down memory lane.

The All B-Team

QB: Sam Darnold (New York Jets) - 28.2 points (Week 12 vs. Oakland Raiders)

RB: Raheem Mostert (San Francisco 49ers) - 24.1 points (Week 2 @ Cincinnati Bengals)

RB: Rex Burkhead (New England Patriots) - 18.9 points (Week 3 vs. New York Jets)

WR: Anthony Miller (Chicago Bears) - 26.8 points (Week 15 @ Green Bay Packers)

WR: James Washington (Pittsburgh Steelers) - 21.1 points (Week 13 vs. Cleveland Browns)

TE: Tyler Higbee (Los Angeles Rams) - 23.7 points (Week 13 @ Arizona Cardinals)

Flex: Darius Slayton (New York Giants) - 32.4 points (Week 14 @ Philadelphia Eagles)

DST: Seattle Seahawks - 17 points (Week 12 @ Philadelphia Eagles)

Total: 192.2 points

The All-Worst Team

QB: Nick Foles (Jacksonville Jaguars) - -0.98 points (Week 13 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

RB: Tony Pollard (Dallas Cowboys) - 0 points (Week 4 @ New Orleans Saints)

RB: Ito Smith (Atlanta Falcons) - 0.6 points (Week 6 @ Arizona Cardinals) & Alexander Mattison (Minnesota Vikings) - 0.6 points (Week 9 @ Kansas City Chiefs)

WR: Danny Amendola (Detroit Lions) - 0 points (Week 2 vs. Los Angeles Chargers)

WR: Keke Coutee (Houston Texans) - 0 points (Week 8 vs. Oakland Raiders)

TE: Vernon Davis (Washington) - 1.5 points (Week 4 @ New York Giants)

Flex: Dante Pettis (San Francisco 49ers) - 0 points (Week 7 @ Washington)

DEF: Detroit Lions - -4 points (Week 7 vs. Minnesota Vikings)

Total: -2.88 points

The Most Used Team

QB: Case Keenum (Washington), Kyle Allen (Carolina Panthers), Sam Darnold (New York Jets) and Ryan Fitzpatrick (Miami Dolphins) - Two Appearances

RB: J.D. McKissic (Detroit Lions) - Four Appearances

RB: Raheem Mostert (San Francisco 49ers) and Alexander Mattison (Minnesota Vikings) - Three Appearances

WR: Cole Beasley (Buffalo Bills) - Four Appearances

WR: Zach Pascal (Indianapolis Colts) and Auden Tate (Cincinnati Bengals) - Three Appearances

TE - Vernon Davis (Washington), Darren Fells (Houston Texans), Jonnu Smith (Tennessee Titans) and Tyler Hibee (Los Angeles Rams) - Two Appearances

DST - Detroit Lions, Miami Dolphins and Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Two Appearances

Weekly Results

Week 14 - 127.4 points

Week 15 - 101.86 points

Week 3- 100.44 points

Week 12 - 97.4 points

Week 13 - 94.22 points

Week 9 - 82.6 points

Week 8 - 82.34 points

Week 2 - 76.12 points

Week 5 - 71.58 points

Week 6 - 68.84 points

Week 11 - 65.5 points

Week 10 - 54.44 points

Week 7 - 38.92 points

Week 4 - 31.88 points

As it wasn’t the greatest of first seasons for the B-Team as we achieved our 100 point goal just three out of 14 times. Obviously as the season progressed, we performed much better. You can attest that to a larger sample size as the season went on in finding the right players to pick. This year came with a massive learning curve. We’ll be back next season, bigger and better than ever.

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