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2020 Coaching Hires Pt. 2 - The Unknown

Last week, we broke down the known of the coaching changes. This week we’re going to attempt to break down what is in store for the teams hiring the unknown, the first-year coaches. Overall it’s going to be a little more difficult as there is no history but we can do our best thatwe can.

Joe Judge, New York Giants

The former Patriots' special teams coach stole the Giants' position right out from under Josh McDaniels and with him comes Jason Garrett as the new offensive coordinator. Judge should be as a true HC who will oversee everything, and Garrett should have most, if not all, control over the offense.

Saquon Barkley should see a nice bump from Garrett’s arrival. We have seen Garrett’s vanilla offense give even Zeke RB1 status, so much so I’d put Saquon as the 1.02 in redraft leagues this season behind only CMC.

Both Dak Prescott and Tony Romo had success under Garett, one of Romo’s best seasons coming from Garrett’s first year as an OC. Daniel Jones will be a serviceable streamer. I do not think he takes the leap like some second year QBs have done in the past.

Matt Rhule, Carolina Panthers

I will be honest, I can’t speak too much on college football, but I know enough to know Matt Rhule might be one of the best hires of the NFL off-season. Once he was able to recruit his own players at Baylor, he built a team from a 1-11 team to an 11-1 team in just four seasons. With the Panthers likely moving on from Cam, Grier and Allen, and looking towards the future, Rhule will be able to work with his handpicked QB and build a team around him.

With the Panthers likely to go into a rebuild, D.J. Moore, Curtis Samuel and Ian Thomas are all buys. There may be a down year for them depending on who the Panthers’ starter is this season.

CMC is a sell. Norv Turner is no longer the offensive coordinator in Carolina which doesn’t mean CMC will lose his work horse role, but he could very well lose some work. After CMCs MVP caliber season, his value is never higher and could very well come back next season to an offense not designed around him.

Kevin Stefanski, Cleveland Browns

Hopefully the Browns found the right guy. With the rumblings that came out about coaching in Cleveland and what’s required from them, I’m not sure we will see that. Stefanski had a great offense with Kubiak this season and I’m excited to see it translate to the NFL.

Nick Chubb is due for a monster year. If Stefanski can do with Chubb what Kubiak and he did with Cook, buying Nick Chubb now for whatever price is going to be dirt cheap.

Jarvis Laundry, if he can be the Adam Theilen role in this offense, might be the only receiver to own. He has the better chemistry with Mayfield and was his go to target over the home stretch of the season. The Vikings offense did become more balanced as the season went on, so I wouldn’t completely fade OBJ just yet.

A player who might fall to later rounds in drafts, David Njoku might have a low ADP due to his injury this past season. If OBJ or Laundry were moved from Cleveland I think we’ll see a TD machine with Mayfield as Kyle Rudolph became while Theilen missed time this season.

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